A family of four has been infected in Liuzhou, Guangxi

2022-04-23 0 By

China News Liuzhou on March 13 (reporter Meng Mingming)The COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters in Liuzhou city, Guangxi province, reported on Monday that a new asymptomatic patient was the daughter of a previously asymptomatic patient.On March 12, liuzhou city tested positive for three people, who were diagnosed as asymptomatic.A total of 4 asymptomatic cases have been reported in Liuzhou, including a family of 4.Earlier reports said that in the early morning of March 12, a duty officer returning from Jingxi city of Baise city to Liujiang District of Liuzhou city tested positive for nucleic acid, as did two of his close contacts.Three people were diagnosed as asymptomatic.The four asymptomatic infected persons are as follows: Asymptomatic infected persons 1 is living in Jinfu Xiaoyuan, No. 28, Shuigong Road, Jinsheng Community, Labao Town, Liujiang District, Liuzhou City, to support the staff on duty in Jingxi, Baise city;Asymptomatic infected person 2 is the wife of asymptomatic infected person 1;Asymptomatic infected person 3 is the son of asymptomatic infected person 1.Asymptomatic infected person 4 is the daughter of asymptomatic infected person 1.Nine asymptomatic infections in Guangxi have been reported, including four in Chongzuo city, three in Liuzhou city and two in Fangchenggang City, according to the Guangxi Health Commission on Monday.Four new imported cases were reported in Chongzuo, and three asymptomatic cases were reported in Chongzuo and Qinzhou, respectively.Earlier, the epidemic occurred in Baise city of Guangxi, and guangxi sent support teams to fight against the epidemic. At that time, the epidemic was more serious in Debao County of Baise city and Jingxi City.Jingxi city is located in the border area, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is severe.Source: Chinanews.com