AG Zhang Jiao really angry, there is no reason for failure, no excuse, Yino is “top shooter”

2022-04-23 0 By

The second week of the KPL spring regular season has all come to an end. Chengdu AG super Game club lost 3-2 to Shenzhen DYG, suffering a second straight loss.Before this game, AG had a good record, DYG didn’t even win a small point, but it was in this situation that AG lost.Zhang Jiao was also very angry after the game interview, he also said that he did not want to find excuses, is their own problem, also said that a nuo is “top striker”.Zhang Jiao’s face looked ugly during the interview, and everyone could sense that he was really angry.Ying Kai asked Zhang Jiao AG why he lost the game, whether it was because of the pressure from the new coach on the opposite side, Zhang Jiao didn’t make any excuses.He said that the defeat of the game is completely their own problem, do not want to find any excuses, there is no reason, even Zhang Jiao also self-review, is their own problem.In addition, Ying Kai asked Zhang Jiao now in the league when the selection of lineup are mainly in the upper field, why AG is more inclined to give development road take a strong hero.Zhang Jiao this time of the answer is worth thinking about, he said that after all, there is a top shooter in the team, when taking the hero must give him to take some comfortable.Zhang Jiao heard this sentence of the audience should be some doubt, yi Nuo this game play can be called a disaster level, especially in the last game Li Yuanfang, two consecutive single kill by Guan Yu, basically is a personal operation problem.There is a shield mountain back, two skills unexpectedly stuck wall, including the last wave of group battle is no operation died, such a performance to say that the top shooter, I am afraid to add a double quotation mark.I don’t know if I’m being sarcastic or something.In addition to this match, Yi Nuo’s performance this season is not at all called the top scorer. Although AG achieved good results in the first few games, it mainly depended on the excellent performance of Chu Chen and CAT. In fact, Yi Nuo did not play particularly outstanding.In the past, Yi Nuo was indeed a top shooter, but his amazing operation was basically in the fall of 19 and the first half of 20 years, then yi Nuo’s condition has been gradually declining, to last year in fact, there was no high light operation, should not be used to describe the top shooter.There were rumors that Zhang Jiao was leaving AG because he wanted to replace Yino, but Feifei didn’t agree. Now it seems that Zhang Jiao may be aware of AG’s problems, but he can’t solve them.If it were anyone else, he might have to go to the bench to reflect on his performance. Rookie shooter Aurora is just coming of age, and his personal strength is not bad.But because he’s a no-no, AG won’t be willing to give him up, even with this performance may have to endure.Now can only see zhang Angle can help a nuo adjust good state, if behind or this kind of state, then how collocation lineup also useless.Do you have any views on the play of AG One nuo this game?Feel free to join us in the comments section.