Genting Chess: 8 gladiator squad equipment

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The team of 8 fighters of Genting Chess consists of Eroy, Wei, Miss Doom, Zach, Mundo, Voidfear (Big Bug), Tam, Trondel, Kasha;Made up of 8 combat 3 variants.Better get a transfer from gladiator or Hex.The front row has the big bug, to the meat outfit, must redeem the gargoyle, the third can according to the opponent’s situation dragon tooth or anti armor, mundo can also be on the sun yan fanzi.Later on Kasha to supplement the output.As a gladiator, the bug has great strength and can grow and deal great damage.Main C big bug, anti armour, gargoyle SLATE armour necessary.Anti – armor is immune to critical hits and ensures the survival of large bugs.Gargoyles now give large bugs a very high armor bonus.The third item can be redemption, Dragon tooth, ion Spark.Malzaha recommends that the Ramba Fuze + Hex Tech Blade + Pearl gauntlet have a very deluxe lineup strength, with a good front row tank absorption ability, the big bug can not only absorb damage but also deal damage, while the mafengma in the back row is a constant DUBUFF.Because eight fighters fetters is the need to transfer jobs, so we fight to transfer jobs to kasha out of three variants, kasha equipment best to sheep knife and slaughter.This set of lineup is the need to transfer, so the early best to get Hex strengthen to play this set of lineup.Early days with gladiator transition, normal 4-1 on seven, small search, and then card interest chasing Samsung bugs can be.Then pull eight, on Kasha out of eight fighting fetters.Well, the above is to bring the introduction of Genting Chess: 8 fighters lineup equipment, I hope to help you, please support me