How important is command and communication?How to achieve unified order?3 points of interpretation

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Hello everyone, “Ding and MAO” as scheduled.The seventh section of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, “The War of Armies”, puts forward “three principles” to be followed in the war of armies. The first one is “unified orders and coordinated steps”.Unified command and obedience, whether on the battlefield or in social life or in work and production, are of the highest priority.In The Book Of Military Affairs, he said, “When words are not heard, it is a golden drum.We don’t see each other, so it is our flag.”Fu Jin drums with banners, so a people’s eyes and ears.Since the people are single-minded, the brave cannot advance alone, and the timid cannot retreat alone.So the night war more gold drum, day war more banners, so become people’s eyes and ears.According to The book “Military Politics”, in the midst of vehicles and horses interweaving, swords and halberds colliding, and howling, “they used language to command, but couldn’t hear clearly or couldn’t hear, so they set up golden drums;If you can’t see clearly or if you can’t see clearly, you use flags.”Both the gold drum and the jingqi are set up according to the visual and audio abilities of the soldiers to unify the command signal of combat operations.If all the soldiers obey the unified command and control, brave soldiers will not advance alone on the strength of their courage, nor will timid ones be allowed to retreat alone in fear of the enemy. The whole army moves in step, advances and advances in a measured and orderly manner. This is the way to command a large army in battle.Generally speaking, fire and drums are used in command operations at night, and banners are used in command operations during the day, which are used to disturb the enemy’s hearing and hearing and obstruct the enemy’s command and dispatch.Listen to the command, order, advance and retreat, otherwise it will be chaotic.We must attach great importance to command and dispatch throughout the whole process, time and field.This is true both in ancient times and in today’s production and life.Communication is the key to effective command, so make sure you have it.The command link must be open, whether it is up or down.If they are left to their own devices, what is the need for commanders and leadership?!In the ancient battlefields mentioned by Sun Tzu, the drums of war were a means of commanding and communicating with each other, whether the sound of gold or the waving of a torch or the waving of a banner were also possible.With the rapid development of communication technology, the communication equipment is also updated, and now everyone has a mobile phone network terminal, making phone calls and sending text messages instantly accessible, very convenient.It is a far cry from 20 years ago, when it took days to write a letter, landline and landline phones were not common in homes, and the trendy BB was a flash in the pan.Back then, the fastest way was to send a telegram, pay by the word, and wait in line.But now, the phone, wechat instant reachable, but also video, voice, in addition to the purchase of data packets are free.As we all say, unity is strength, unity is combat effectiveness, but there is a premise.Only when they are connected, can they reason, convey orders and unite us. Otherwise, it is all nonsense.02 Continuous generalist is hard truth continuous line, command can be uninterrupted.In the war of resistance to the United States and Aid Korea, the case of connecting telephone lines with the body as a “conductor” is a wonderful interpretation.In June 1951, Chen Yu Lin, a volunteer army, took part in the Tieyuan Resistance.One day, the enemy used a large number of artillery, aircraft take turns bombing, intent to suppress firepower.At the height of the battle, telephone lines were blown off by enemy planes, communications were cut off and the commander lost contact with Chen yulin’s unit.The situation was urgent, Chen Yulin was ordered to lead two signal troops to repair.On the way, two of his comrades were shot and killed.Chen Yulin flapped left and right in the hail of bullets and finally found the bombed line.He made a quick connection, but he missed it by a bit.How to do?Chen Yulin was worried.Thinking that the human body is also a conductor, Chen Yulin did not hesitate to open his hands and firmly grasped both ends of the telephone wire. The telephone wire was connected and the troops resumed their command.The battle was won, and Chen yulin was awarded the second-class meritorious service.Thus, command interruption, the consequences are unimaginable, continuous contact is the hard truth.Nothing can be won on the battlefield, nothing can be won.Communication is only a means, the implementation of quality and efficiency, is the ultimate pursuit.Whether marching or market competition, the ultimate hero is the result.No benefit, any more is bullshit.No merit, no talk of hard work, fatigue is nothing.However, to give full play to the link effect, both the leadership of the superior and the strength of the subordinate are needed.On the battlefield, there is no lack of high people who understand the intention of superiors more accurately and in place. Even if the command is interrupted, they can adapt to the situation and achieve the set task.However, in the real workplace, some people even face to face, hand in hand guidance, shoulder to shoulder supervision, but also in the implementation of the work at a discount, flexible, two-faced, play around.So, I understand that “well connected” has two sides.First, the idea should be first “through”, action will be efficient, first to solve the “master switch” is not clever.Second, equipment should be connected to the “link”, in order to upload and send continuous line, and then solve the form of means can be connected, continuous link.In a sense, it is often more important to communicate well in thought than to communicate well in equipment.Welcome to @ding and MAO (the same name on the whole network platform), to understand the philosophy of life and retain the mark of The Times.Thanksgiving all the way peers, my book updated regularly, welcome interaction!