No surprises!Lakers 106-101 Jazz!Bad news after the game!King James is firing at Vogel

2022-04-23 0 By

Beijing time on February 17 news.Lakers host Utah today.The game was the lakers all-star break last game, in the face of good Sir, after the lakers showed the determination to win, especially James, he hit the basket score in a row, the opening jazz here between gerber and Mitchell attachment for jazz easily pick up points, the end of the lakers and jazz tied 27 – the first quarter.And time section, the lakers strengthened the perimeter defensive intensity, but the lakers shot suddenly loses, the jazz Mitchell took the opportunity will be hit three consecutive points lead to five points, the last moment in the second quarter rebound landing Davis stepped on gerber feet, slow motion can be seen that Davis sprained my ankle foot 90 degrees, then he was helped out his teammates, lack the inside core,James responded with a 3-pointer to tighten the lakers’ lead, 46-53, by seven at halftime.At the beginning of the third quarter, Westbrook led the lakers on his own after James left the court. Westbrook made three consecutive turnovers to give Utah a lead of 75-62. James made his comeback at the end of the third quarter with consecutive layups to put the Lakers down 79-71.In the fourth quarter began, the two sides set score, Mitchell back midrange hits in a row, after the lakers won’t open situation, delayed after James playing with less continuous play, as James hits three points in a row, the lakers came last minute realized, as the rivers hit three key points, the lakers to four points ahead again.With Westbrook hitting four of his last four free throws, the lakers beat Utah 106-101 at home.Let’s look at the data of the players after the game: the lakers: 2 broken 33 points and eight rebounds and six assists, James Johnson S – 4 points, 2 caps, heavy eyebrows 17 points, four assists monk 13 points 5 rebounds 2 broken, less 17 points and seven rebounds and six assists, 3 points 5 rebounds and 3 assists tucker, reeves 9 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists, trevor ariza 3 points, 3 rebounds, Sir Howard 4 points, 5 rebounds:Bogda had 15 points, two rebounds, O ‘Neal had 10 points, seven rebounds, three steals, Gobert had five points, 11 rebounds, Mitchell had 37 points, five assists, Conley six points, four rebounds, Clarkson 13 points, two assists, Whiteside seven points, eight rebounds, and Forrest six points, three assists.The first piece of bad news is that Davis, whose injury is still unclear, will need to undergo an MRI, but it looks like he will be out for at least a month, the lakers playoff question.The second bad news is that the Lakers’ 3-point shooters still don’t have a clear shot, and without a perimeter distraction, James’ penetration will be limited.The third is the lakers’ lack of interior rebound protection.After the game in eyebrows left the court, James for Vogel’s personnel also raised questions.