The People’s Court of Louxing District held the 2022 Annual High Quality Development retreat meeting of the whole hospital

2022-04-23 0 By

From February 10th to 11th, Louxing District People’s Court held the 2022 Annual High-quality development retreat for the whole hospital.The meeting was presided over by Zeng Wenbin, the secretary of the party group and the president of the hospital.The meeting comprehensively summarized the work of the past year, analyzed the “old difficulties” in various work, discussed solutions and innovative ideas in depth, and refined the decisions of the CPC Leading Party Meeting.Zeng pointed out that the opinions and suggestions put forward by the meeting are comprehensive and concrete, which need to be carefully sorted out, formed a definite framework, thinking and focus, and strictly implemented in place.In the party building work, the whole hospital should strengthen political construction, all police officers and temporary personnel should unify the ideological understanding, build a solid political loyalty, all the hospital leaders and responsible persons should earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of strict party governance, take the lead in setting an example, layer upon layer supervision;In terms of the main responsibilities and duties, all departments should cooperate to form the grand strategy and pattern of the trial and execution work, to serve the central work of the court and promote the high-quality development of the whole work of the court.