Want bus card top-up convenient

2022-04-23 0 By

Want convenient public transportation card prepaid phone, buy “jiaxing traffic one cartoon bus IC card” download “jia passage” APP, “top-up online, offline complement” or “NFC directly top-up” attention “jiaxing city public transportation co., LTD.” WeChat public, click on the “point I top-up”, select “top-up card”, is still “online top-up,Offline fill-up “or” NFC direct recharge “.If you have a third-generation citizen card, download the “My Jiaxing” APP and click “Bus Recharge”. There are two options: “online recharge, offline recharge” or “Universal Card Sapphire Blue tooth recharge”.Pay attention to “Jiaxing Citizen Card” wechat public account, click “service hall”, click “citizen card recharge”, click “bus account recharge”, still “online recharge, offline recharge” or “NFC direct recharge”.Click “Clinic billing and recharge” to get the code of medical institution and jiaxing tram.You feel that alipay and wechat to a city to open a card, some trouble, and occupy memory.If you get the “One yard pass of Jiaxing Municipal Public transportation”, you can pass it in Jiaxing city.Some cities already support the “digital RMB” APP to take public transportation, and the “digital RMB” APP has been implemented with one code.You can also purchase “Pinghu traffic card bus IC card”, so that travel more convenient.Future transport integration will be implemented in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao