Wenchang Community in Minle County carried out investigation of major fire risks and hidden dangers of houses built by residents in production and business rental villages (residents)

2022-04-23 0 By

In order to strengthen the continuous stability of the fire safety situation in the area, improve the ability of residents to resist fire accidents and residents’ awareness of fire safety, Wenchang community has recently carried out investigation and renovation of fire hazards for self-built houses, rented houses and shops along the street in the area.The campaign focusing on rental, since the building, shops along the street, the street warehouse is equipped with fire equipment and business store whether dangerous place to live in places in the same building, electric bicycle, electric motorcycle is in the public area, stair, exit or room, charging and so on.In the inspection process, “Hidden danger Rectification Notice” is issued to self-built houses with hidden danger of fire safety, urging them to rectify as soon as possible. Users who charge illegally are persuaded to guide them to charge at safe charging piles, and safety knowledge is explained to them, so as to improve residents’ awareness of safe electricity use.The screening wenchang community business renting village (house) of the people within its jurisdiction the building found no significant hidden danger, through the screening work, let the residents’ awareness of fire safety for further, the hidden trouble existing in the early detection, early rectification, the hazard control in the bud, area residents of life and property security, foster a sound environment for civilized and harmonious.Author: Han Qian