3-6!China’s snooker crown hit a snub: Yan Bingtao won just 1 match, zhao Xintong is at the bottom

2022-04-24 0 By

Beijing time on February 4, 2022, the snooker Champions League ended the first day of competition for the title group, Liang Wenbo, Yan Bingtao, Zhao Xintong in general condition, 1 win each, especially zhao Xintong attack state is low, currently ranked at the bottom.The Chinese snooker players got off to a bad start, and the champion bingham, Higgins and other world champions are sure to win.This year, seven groups competed fiercely, with seven players in the winner’s group, including three Chinese players: Liang Wenbo, Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao.Liang wenbo is experienced, Zhao Xintong is in hot form after winning the German Masters, and Yan Bingtao is hailed as the best post-2000 player, showing maturity beyond his years.So, Chinese players have a chance to attack the champion.Liang wenbo beat Scott Donaldson 3-0 on the first day of the tournament, but then lost 3-0 to Yan Bingtao and 3-2 to Graeme Dott, winning only one of their three matches.Zhao lost 3-1 to Higgins and 3-0 to Bingham before facing Yan again in the third round. Under heavy pressure, zhao scored 143 points to edge Yan 3-2. Zhao also has a record of 1-2.Yan lost to Bingham 3-2 and faced Liang Wenbo in the second round, shooting 142 to win 3-0.Facing Zhao xintong in the third round, Yan lost in the tiebreaker, losing to Zhao again 3-2.All three Chinese players were 1-2 on the first day and 3-6 overall, which is obviously not ideal, especially Zhao Xintong, who won four games in three matches and ranked bottom, facing elimination.Bingham, who beat Yan Bingtao 3-2, zhao Xintong 3-0, Higgins 3-2 and Graeme Dott 3-2, topped the list for the fourth consecutive win.In second place is Higgins with a 3-1 record against Graeme Dott and Scott Donaldson, who both came back from 2-0 down.In addition, Higgins defeated Chao Xintong 3-1, but he suffered a defeat when bingham turned a 2-1 lead.With the exception of Bingham and Higgins, all the other players had a win on their opening day, with Yan Bingtao and Graeme Dott in third and fourth place respectively, followed by Liang Wenbo and Scott Donaldson, and Zhao xintong at the bottom.Chao is next up against Liang Wenbo, Graeme Dott and Scott Donaldson.Liang wenbo vs Zhao Xintong, Bingham, Higgins.Yan Bingtao vs Scott Donaldson, Graeme Dott and Higgins.I hope the three Chinese players go all out and strive to qualify for the top four of the group and launch a challenge to the champion!