Many female stars with no face and no body are thriving in the entertainment industry, but they actually have five keys

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Want to become a star, appearance level and figure always have to account for the same, this is also want to enter the hard threshold of the entertainment circle, so the circle is a place where beautiful men gather, so that some don’t look like the star, will be pulled out to ridicule.However, there are special cases, there are some stars, to figure no figure, to the level of appearance no level of appearance, such people can in the entertainment industry mixed wind water, almost nine out of ten people know their names, these stars rely on what to attract fans?In fact, they have their own trump card!>>>Han Hong: powerful, good singing skills, enthusiastic public welfare Han Hong has always been the image of fat, bloated, and the appearance level is not high, even can be used to describe ugly, teeth are not smooth, is such a star, but has been respected and sought after.In fact, although han hong grow some ke Chen, but it is a great singer, is good at singing, no matter who and chorus, power will not be other than go down, even the eason chan and her singing, imposing manner is weaker than her, even now have produced a lot of new generation of singer, her status and popularity has not decreased, often see her at the party.In addition, Han Hong is also very keen on charity and public welfare undertakings. Whenever there is a major disaster, she always makes donations at the first time and goes to the scene to support them physically. She also sets up a charity foundation.In fact, her enthusiasm for public welfare was sparked by the death of her grandmother, who loved her the most. Because of her longing for her grandmother, she wanted to pass on her love to millions of people through public welfare, which was the beginning of her own road of public welfare. Among many stars, han Hong is only a handful.>>>When you first heard about Yoko, where did you meet her?I believe that many people and small make up the same, are from the short video platform funny short film to recognize this girl.Unlike many actress, she doesn’t have a pretty appearance, also not slim, and even grow is not high, but she has a particular confidence, without doubting yourself because of others’ talk, instead of face to face with ourselves shortcomings, also say beauty is diversity, not all beauty as slim as the only standard.Yee Dong-sheng once evaluated hot eye Yoko, said she was born to eat this bowl of rice, is the opportunity to be the actress, this is the affirmation of her acting, in fact, her acting is really very good, in the film “Fat Action Team”, “The Sun Never Sets” have wonderful performance.Last year, play in the TV drama “Jade Lou Spring”, although not the leading role, but still enough to shine, the comedic effect of the body also became a hot eye Yoko unique performance style, such a strong actor, sooner or later will get belong to her script.>>>Jia Ling: very friendly, who can not know jia Ling audience?As a popular comedian in the entertainment industry, Jia Ling is quite successful. She has a chubby figure, and her weight is growing, and her appearance level is not what people think of as a beautiful woman.However, this is not the resistance that people like her, but the motivation, because she is fat, so she is very amiable, it is easy to close the distance between the audience and her.She has made a lot of efforts from obscurity to fame. It was not easy and sad at the beginning of her career. In Jia Ling’s era, almost all comedians were male, but Jia Ling, as a girl, was looked down upon.Graduated from the film academy Jia Ling, in order to eat, she also took over the seven dollars of performance, living in the rent of 400 a month in the small Hutong, later under the leadership of Feng Gong, life was gradually better, because of their own this section of sad experience, she for those who have no reputation bullied the new people are distressed.Later, she was on the Spring Festival Gala, founded the “Big Bowl entertainment”, and continued to appear in variety shows. Later, she was transformed into a director. Now no one will laugh at her and bully her, but more respect and admiration.>>>Xie in accordance with the lam: hard, high talent, willing to sacrifice image in guo’s movie “the small age,” partner a ray floret Yang mi, that plays don like the actor in the movie, it is in accordance with the tender, casting out at that time, many netizens are not understood, the body fat, appearance is not high variety of cafes with what can lead role?In fact, Xie Yilin decided to pursue comedy when she first chose to study drama acting. After all, her appearance is not good enough, so she must have a memory point that others can remember.At that time is reading the xie Yilin of big three, because of good luck coincidence, went up “the university student did not” this piece variety program, slightly exaggerated, funny style, let her hit the network all of a sudden, this just signed the gold star entertainment, went on the road of variety coffee.She is very talented in acting by Guo Jingming saw, invited her to star in his film “Tiny Times”, which also let Xie Yilin quickly opened her popularity in the mainland, sitting on the throne of funny female entertainer.Everyone has his own unique place, beauty is not only the only standard, no face, no figure, no background, but with their own efforts and unique advantages can mix in the entertainment industry, break out of the world, the so-called all roads lead to Rome is this truth.Ok, that’s all for today, thanks for your forwarded comments, and you can also follow Half Pot Entertainment for more exclusive information and in-depth observations!