The unification party went to Beijing, the “independence” party went to the United States, Taiwan politics began to appear divided

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Two pro-Unification figures were invited to Beijing for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Ms. Hung Hsiu-chu, former chairman of the Kuomintang party, was invited for the opening ceremony, and Mr. Wu Chengdian, chairman of Taiwan’s New Party, was invited for the closing ceremony.Hung hsiu-chu expressed her great honor to be invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.In a post on her social media account, she said the two games’ opening performances were two different experiences: Beijing 2008’s was like a warm and friendly “introduction”;And this year’s Winter Olympics fully let the world see Beijing full of confidence, sunshine, rich and powerful, open, even avant-garde appearance.She also made it clear that even though the DPP tries its best to provoke China, hoping to gain temporary political gain from the heated cross-strait situation, “we still believe that ‘peace’ is the true ‘universal value’!In the New Year, I hope the two sides of the Taiwan Straits will work together to eliminate hatred and confrontation, and dissolve separation and conflict.”Hung hsiu-chu insisted that the reunification of the two sides is necessary and inevitable.A few years ago, she said that the current “Constitution” of Taiwan is the ultimate reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits.This time I went to Beijing for the Winter Olympics.She once again expressed the view that “after a long separation, the world will be united in the future, and we look forward to peaceful reunification across the Taiwan Straits at an early date”.She said, “The mainland and Taiwan are brothers and sisters of the same origin. It is unreasonable and unreasonable for them to be separated for more than 70 years.There must be a principle that the world will be united after a long period of separation.”Wu Chengdian, chairman of Taiwan’s new Party, arrived in Beijing on February 17 to attend the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.New party though time is not long, in Taiwan, the island has not been greater appeal and influence, but the new party as the goal, insist on cross-strait peaceful reunification Wu Chengdian re-election in January 2022, when Taiwan’s new party chairman, said will continue its efforts to promote cross-strait interaction, reduce cross-strait confrontation, new party insists on the idea of peaceful reunification will not change.Mr Wu’s visit to Beijing is his second to the mainland in three months.”For 28 years, our new party has been hoping for cross-Straits cooperation and the great rejuvenation of the nation. We are all Chinese,” Wu said in Xiamen, where he attended a cross-Straits forum in December.”I believe the trend is clear.”Earlier this year, regarding cross-Straits relations in the New Year, Wu Chengdian said, peaceful reunification is not to the point of despair, we hope Taiwan can see the advantages of the mainland, the mainland can see the advantages of Taiwan, the top priority is not to let the two sides continue to deteriorate, because now the space for the final confrontation is very limited.At the same time as Mr Wu was heading to Beijing, Annette Lu, Taiwan’s former deputy leader and a lifelong pro-independence campaigner, spoke out on reunification.Lu called on young people on the island to see clearly the general trend of the inevitable reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, young people should have a young people’s perspective, the mainland has extended an “olive branch”, young people on the island should seize the opportunity to work with the mainland to promote the peaceful reunification of the two sides.First, she warned young people in Taiwan to realize that they would deal with the Taiwan issue face to face with the mainland in their lifetime.This shows that the veteran “Taiwan independence” activists have finally realized that the Taiwan issue can not be postponed indefinitely, and the Mainland will definitely not pass this legacy to the next generation.Second, she reminded the younger generation that they should learn to observe and think, and have their own understanding and judgment on cross-strait issues.They should not blindly follow the crowd, including their parents. Their opinions can only be for their own reference, and they should not blindly support who their parents support.Third, we should not blindly support “maintaining the status quo”, because there is no status quo to maintain.There is no absolute status quo in the world. The status quo is constantly developing and changing.”Status quo” is just a slogan that politicians use to fool the public.Of course, some people cry out for reunification, while others run for “Taiwan independence”.Recently this period of time, the pro-independence activists have not been idle, the democratic progressive party (DPP) last month two the shopkeeper lai borrow the chance to compete in Honduras’s new President swearing-in ceremony, and also to participate in the activities of the vice President of the United States made the “encounter” Harris, talk to each other for 20 seconds, and in the course of transit in the United States and the United States house of representatives speaker Nancy pelosi video calls.Next, Eric Chu, chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT) and Ko Wen-je, chairman of the People’s Party (MDP), who intend to run for the leadership of Taiwan in 2024, will also visit the US respectively.They lined up to go to the United States one by one, just to receive the interview of the United States, to smooth relations with the United States, to get the support of the United States, because without the nod and support of the United States, it is impossible to be elected.This is really a big wave washed the sand ah, the changes of The Times, just like the torrent in the river, is bound to wash out the real gold and sand.Taiwan has been China’s sacred territory since ancient times and is an inalienable part of our country. The return of Taiwan now does not need the reinincarnation of Zheng Chenggong or the role of Shi Lang as general. It only needs Taiwan compatriots to recognize the general trend of reunification and sincerely support reunification.Those who cooperate with foreign countries and recognize the thief as their father will be judged by history, and those who promote and support reunification will always be respected by the 1.4 billion people on the mainland.At the same time that the pro-Unification people are coming to Beijing and the “independence” people are running to the United States, the people in Taiwan are also observing, thinking and expressing themselves with their own actions.Under the DPP’s green terror, more Taiwanese people are unable to speak out, unable to speak out, and afraid to speak out, but they see in their eyes and are angry at the actions of Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP authorities, who seek “independence” by aiding foreign countries and relying on the United States, and who are crazy about provoking cross-Straits confrontation and creating ethnic hatred.In particular, the island is well aware of the lack of water, electricity, vaccines, safety and peace. It is hard to express its anger at the lack of eggs before the Spring Festival and now the lack of duck meat. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has forced the opening of imports of Pork from the United States and nuclear food from Japan.Of course, there are also those who broke the deadlock and rose up, resolutely raising the five-star red flag in the island.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the Taiwan People’s Communist Party organized by the island’s unification faction held a solemn flag-raising ceremony in the xinying district of Tainan City, the stronghold of “Taiwan independence”.Dozens of island pro-unification figures paid attention to the scene, accompanied by the magnificent “March of the Volunteers”, the bright five-star red flag rose slowly, fluttering in the wind.This is the third year in a row that the Taiwan People’s Communist Party has held a flag-raising ceremony during the Spring Festival.Longing for reunification and return has become the dream of more People in Taiwan.Someone for the reunification of the motherland of BSFLP, someone as opposed to “Taiwan independence” whoop, someone write the lyrics for the reunification of the motherland, mainland people to actively participate in various activities, to sing, and fang fang, Chen Zhu artist not only abandon Taiwan identity moved to China, and promoting the system of active urger became a patriotic, Shouting loudly.The harm of “Taiwan independence” is becoming more and more clearly recognized and felt by all, and some people in Taiwan are waking up.Although these awakening people are not yet the mainstream of Taiwan society, but “spring river warm duck prophet”, the DPP authorities to Taiwan’s information and closed people, sooner or later, the spring breeze of The Times will break the ice, be broken by the mighty flood dam.As the saying goes, I am a bowing cow