Watching Ukraine’s parliament behind the scenes shows why the country is controlled by the United States

2022-04-24 0 By

Recently, the situation in Ukraine has been at an extremely dangerous high level. A small group of Western countries, such as the US and the UK, have been stirring up trouble and putting pressure on Ukraine and Russia to do further confrontation, which has intensified the atmosphere of war unprecedentedly.Faced with the flames of war, Ukraine finally broke down.According to on February 2, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed in parliament for calm and unity in the country and not to create panic.Almost “in tears”, he implored MPS: “You can be against the government, but you cannot be against Ukraine.You can defy the government, the president, but you can’t defy your own people…Don’t spread panic for political gain.”Even so, there were ugly scenes in the hall of Ukraine’s parliament, where many lawmakers waved prepared flags from the United States and Britain and demanded that the government do what the United States and Britain wanted.It was clear from the scene that the lawmakers did not care about Ukraine’s national interests, but, as Zelensky put it, ate Ukraine’s “blood bread” for their own political gain.The scene in Ukraine’s parliament also raises serious concerns about the country’s future.Almost entirely dependent on the US and THE UK, they pander to populist sentiment whipped up by the West and the media, putting on a political show about who is more anti-Russian and who is more likely to win favour with the US and the West.Meanwhile, the vital interests of Ukraine and its people have been consigned to the dustbin.Speaking in parliament, Mr. Zelensky was clearly intent on detente with Russia and not letting Ukraine become the burial object of a contest between Russia and the United States.If war breaks out, the only loser will be Ukraine, which is on the front line.As head of the government, Zelensky is perhaps the Ukrainian with the best grasp of the russian-Ukrainian crisis, and is well aware of American strategic selfishness.As early as Last November, The United States hyped up a Russian invasion of Ukraine with false evidence. At first, the Ukrainian government wanted to take advantage of the United States, so it cooperated.However, with the development of the situation, the Zelensky government noticed that the situation was not good. Under the constant instigation and threat of the United States and Britain, the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine became a real one.As the conflict escalated, Zelensky found Ukraine no longer in charge of its own destiny.In early January, the United States and its Western Allies held three talks with Russia in succession to discuss the situation in Ukraine. However, such negotiations concerning the future of Ukraine were all conducted by the United States on behalf of Ukraine. Ukraine, as a party concerned, did not even have the opportunity to attend the talks, and its fate was entirely in the hands of others.As a result, negotiations dominated by American power collapsed.On the contrary, when France and Germany invited Russia and Ukraine to hold the “Normandian talks” without the presence of the US and UK representatives, a relatively positive result was achieved. Both Russia and Ukraine agreed not to escalate the conflict, and Russia emphasized again that it had no intention to invade Ukraine.Zelensky was now more certain that if Ukraine followed the script set by the United States and Britain, war and conflict between Russia and Ukraine would become an inevitable trend.That is why he has found the courage to publicly blame American misbehaviour for stoking fears of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.Meanwhile, Ukrainian government officials have repeatedly said there is no sign of an invasion by Russia.At this point, however, it will not be so easy for the Ukrainian government to exit.The country’s parliamentarians are behaving as if they have nothing to do with the country’s fate, more to answer to America and Britain than to Ukraine behind it, and may help them put their own people in power if Mr Zelensky’s government falls for mishandling the crisis.So we see that although the Ukrainian government wants to back down, the members of the Ukrainian parliament, which is controlled by the US and the UK, do not want Ukraine to go back down the road.It is pitiful and pathetic to look at the members of Ukraine’s parliament who fight for the interests of the US and the UK. With so many in charge, how can Ukraine ever recover?Of course, we can also see a fatal flaw of the so-called vote-democracy: the so-called democracy of the late generation is easy to be manipulated by the so-called popular will of the original countries like the US and the UK through votes.Can Ukraine emerge from its downward death spiral?