Anhui “notorious” “pheasant university” debut!A hundred feet of worm, not stiff!alert

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Volunteering is one of the most important parts of the college entrance examination.Because how volunteering pays off directly affects a student’s future career direction.But the college entrance examination is selective, and only a few students can get excellent results and be admitted to a good university!For many students with poor grades, it is not easy to get into a good university.According to the college entrance examination admission lines released by Anhui Province in 2021, liberal arts 1 line 550 points, science 1 line 496 points, liberal arts 2 lines 504 points, science 2 lines 426 points!In other words, students with 503 points in liberal arts in Anhui province can only go to a short-term university, and the future of a major graduate is completely different from that of a bachelor’s degree graduate.Now the recruitment of major enterprises and institutions, all require undergraduate and above education, the future development prospects of professional graduates is relatively limited so every parents hope their children can read a good university, but the real score is not enough, how to do?Among them, pheasant University!Pheasant university refers to the university that does not have the qualification of running a school commonly, take a bigger name, violate rules to undertake recruit students, because do not have the qualification of running a school, general pheasant university recruit students propaganda is false, unreliable, the graduation certificate that gives after graduation is studying letter net cannot look up information at all, be equal to a piece of waste paper!At this time, candidates regret too late, not only lost a few years of tuition, delayed the student’s youth and future is also very important, the most important years in life disappeared.In Anhui, there are five notorious pheasant universities, they used to have a long time in Anhui, cheated a lot of students in Anhui, these five universities are: Xinmin University, East China Agriculture and Forestry University, Anhui Urban Construction College, Anhui Urban Construction University, Anhui South University of Science and Technology!If these universities are not called pheasant universities, I think they are a university by name. However, neither the list of universities released by the Ministry of Education nor the list of registered private universities in Anhui Province show these universities.##&&image&# Then, how to tell whether a university is a pheasant university?As a result, a diploma mill is a millipede, death, may change name came out again, actually very simple, the Ministry of Education issued the latest list of university in anhui province, from 211 at the university of anhui university, 985, of the university of China university of science and technology, to the specialist at the university of wanbei health vocational college, the young children in fuyang normal college, etc., a total of 120!If your favorite university is not there, you have to be vigilant, nine out of ten is a pheasant university, do you know which university in Anhui is a pheasant university, welcome comment discussion