Congratulations!English Teaching and Research Group of Lishui Garden Middle School was awarded “Advanced Teaching and Research Group of Zhejiang Province”

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The English teaching and research group of Lishui Garden Middle School was awarded the title of “Advanced Teaching and Research Group of Zhejiang Province” in 2021, according to the teaching and Research Office of The Education Department of Zhejiang Province.The achievement of this honorary title is inseparable from the efforts of all members of the teaching and Research Group, which embodies our perseverance and commitment for countless days and nights.Today, Xiaohaijun will take you into huayuan Middle School English teaching and research group, a glimpse of the spirit of this team.The English Teaching and Research Group of Huayuan Middle School is a team with rich teaching experience, rigorous teaching, unity and cooperation, dedication to work, practical ability and certain innovative spirit. There are 20 full-time teachers, 7 senior teachers, 7 intermediate teachers and 6 junior teachers.In terms of teachers’ honors, there are 2 municipal and district-level academic leaders, 1 municipal teaching expert, and 2 new teachers in the district.In order to make the structure of the teacher echelon more reasonable and increase the team vitality, we will recruit 3 outstanding college graduates in 2020.The growth of huayuan Middle School English teaching and Research Group is inseparable from the leadership of the two core figures, they are wang Feng and Wu Shishu, the current teaching and research group leader.Under the leadership of the two old and new leaders, Wang Feng and Wu Shishu, the English Group made great progress and was awarded as the Advanced Teaching and Research Group of Liandu District in 2018-2019 academic year.Since the school in November 2017, the introduction of university “z-tone cloud” mobile learning terminal into daily teaching, Wang Feng and Wu Shishu garden high school English classrooms, actively put into English teaching practice research, based on flat all the team members to study in kilter cloud mobile terminal booster accurate English teaching practice in the process of research, bold practice, actively grope, leading the teaching,Outstanding achievements.Wang Feng, the leader of teaching and research, the new talent of the city teaching circle, the city subject leader.He has been teaching English for more than 10 years.Long-term responsible for the excellent training work of the school.Participated in a number of projects district city awards.His papers won provincial and municipal awards.As the main maker of teaching and research plans, the organizer of teaching and research activities and the leader of teacher professional development, he has strong education and teaching ability. In recent years, he has undertaken provincial, regional and municipal open class and lecture exchange tasks for many times. He has a sense of innovation and strong organizational communication and coordination ability.On April 27, 2021, as the representative of Lishui City, made a speech in the “On-site meeting of Operation Reform in Zhejiang Province”, which was highly appraised.Education motto: Aim in heart, child in eye, education everywhere.Wu Shishu (the former group leader of teaching and research), the municipal academic leader, the training object of “Green Valley Double Name Project”, the host of the first and second phase of Famous teachers’ studio in Liandu District.She has been engaged in English teaching for more than 20 years. She has presided over a number of district and municipal awards. She participated in the proposition of 2017 Lishui Middle School Examination and participated in the proposition of district and municipal final unified test for many times.Currently, I serve as the host of the Second phase of Famous Teachers’ Studio in Liandu District. I lead the backbone teachers and young teachers’ team inside and outside the school to carry out inter-school teaching and research activities, and actively play the exemplary and leading role of the studio.Educational motto: teaching and learning;Choosing to believe and trust your child is necessary for educational miracles to happen.Liang Yibo, the principal of Huayuan Middle School, is the “strongest supporter” of the English teaching and research group, giving it the strongest support.He said that although he is the headmaster now, he will always be a member of the English teaching and research team.Usually he is busy with his work, but whenever the teaching and research group carries out activities, he always comes to guide, never absent.In addition, teacher Zhou Huiya silently gave the English teaching and research team a lot of opportunities and technical guidance.Zhong Jin and Sun Fangfang, the “up-and-coming teachers of the district”, have undertaken the task of sending teachers and exchanging lectures at the district and municipal levels for many times.Wang Feng, Wu Shishu, Sun Fangfang, Zhong Jin, Chen Feixue, Chen Zhihong, Fang Xiaowei and other teachers in the English group have actively undertaken the open class and lecture exchange tasks of both district and municipal teaching and research activities for many times, playing a leading and exemplary role in the district and municipal junior high school English teaching.It is the efforts, perseverance and perseverance of all the members of the English Teaching and Research Group for decades that have achieved the honor of “Advanced Teaching and Research Group of Zhejiang Province” in 2021.Garden tablet based English teaching high school English classrooms in tablet booster accurate English teaching practice in the process of research, first using the group of bold practice, actively grope for university education “z-tone cloud” cloud platform “cloud operations” of the “cloud” classroom “z-tone cloud heard” “response” lesson “cloud” software functions, such as improving the traditional classroom teaching,After class listening, speaking, reading, writing homework, homework evaluation and feedback, communication between teachers and students, etc.At the level of lesson preparation group, timely exchange skills and experience in daily teaching and lesson preparation.In order to promote communication and interaction among the groups and share experience resources, the group organized experience sharing activities and teaching and research activities themed “Boosting precision Teaching based on mobile teaching terminals” for many times, and let the teachers with rich experience in using mobile teaching terminals make micro-lessons on using skills and share them with the teachers in the same group.At the same time, we also organized teachers to go out for learning and communication, and conducted offline and online listening and evaluating activities with tablet trial schools to exchange English teaching strategies based on tablet.According to the teachers of the English teaching and Research group, the timeliness, interaction and rich resources of the tablet have significantly improved the work efficiency of the teaching and research group.”Cloud homework” of Zhitong Cloud platform helps personalized hierarchical teaching, so that teachers can effectively improve the efficiency of assigning and correcting homework;The multimedia play function allows students to view high-quality teaching resources anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, teachers can introduce movies into classroom teaching through this function to stimulate students’ interest in learning.”Cloud Listening and Speaking” provides complete listening and speaking solutions to help students overcome difficulties in oral English reading and improve their oral English level.”Cloud Classroom” a variety of questions, practice modes, as well as students doodle, take photos and screen shots and other functions to achieve classroom vitality interaction, teacher-student interaction, student interaction and other diverse interactions, so that a diversified and interactive English classroom becomes possible.Homework reform practice Wang Feng teachers as the provincial English discipline, was one of the two in the April 27-28 “homework reform of primary and secondary schools in zhejiang province in 2021” speaking, this paper introduces the school English subject combined with kilter cloud mobile terminal practice experience, to push forward the reform of operation by the provincial teaching and research section and spoke highly of the delegates.”The new provincial compilation exercises focus on both foundation and improvement, comprehensively focusing on the improvement of students’ disciplinary literacy.”But because the exercise book is printed on paper, some homework that requires communication or oral expression can be difficult in practice, and the tablet makes up for that.”Wang Feng teacher said.At the meeting, Mr. Wang Feng shared the “Garden plan” in the homework reform of Huayuan Middle School English Teaching and Research Group from the following three aspects: first, the correcting is automated, and the results are digitialized, so that teachers can reduce pressure and increase efficiency;The second is to combine the multimedia function of the tablet, so that learning and teaching really happen;The third is to make full use of the interaction of the plate to explore the problem design with thinking content in the use of the exercise book.In addition to the busy teaching work, the teachers of Huayuan Middle School English Teaching and Research Group also carried out research projects and wrote teaching papers in their spare time. Many teachers participated in the competition of micro lessons, propositions and classroom teaching and won awards in the regional and municipal competitions.Wang Feng was awarded the 2020 Lishui Teaching Expert;Sun Fangfang and Zhong Jin were named as the new Talent of Liandu District in 2020.Wu Shishu and others won the third prize of the city education and Science Institute project “Research on the Cultivation strategy of Junior High School English Cultural Character and Quality Based on Extended Curriculum”.Wu Shishu presided over the municipal teaching research project “Precision Teaching Practice research of Junior High School English Based on the application of electronic schoolbag” won the second prize;Sun Fangfang presided over the “Research on the Application of Electronic Schoolbag in Boosting English Precision Teaching”, which won the first prize of the district teaching and Scientific Research Award in 2019.Fang Xiaowei won the second prize of 2020 Excellent Teaching paper award for her thesis “Interactive Teaching in Junior High School Based on Electronic schoolbag”.Wu Shishu’s paper “Change” and “constant” of English pronunciation teaching strategies in Junior Middle School under the Background of Internet + “won the second prize of 2020 Excellent Teaching paper award.Sun Fangfang’s paper on the Application of electronic schoolbags in Junior High School English Teaching was published in the 15th issue of Education Digest in 2019.Wu Shishu’s paper “Research on English pronunciation Teaching Strategies in junior Middle School under the background of information technology” was published on the Special issue of Green Valley Teachers in Lishui Education in January 2021.In addition, MAO Chunhong, Liu Xuhong, Sun Fangfang, Wang Feng, Fang Xiaowei, Wu Shishu won the municipal proposition, micro class, network open class first prize and other awards.”This award is the result of our teachers’ exploration and innovation.We are always open to new things, keep pace with The Times, and are good at combining traditional teaching with tablet teaching.This award is the recognition of our teaching work, but also put forward higher requirements for our work.The road of education, teaching and research is endless. We will continue to make full use of existing resources and strive for innovation and strive for a higher level in the future.”The English teaching and research group of Huayuan Middle School was excited after learning the good news that it was awarded “Advanced Teaching and research Group of Zhejiang Province”.Congratulations to huayuan Middle School English Teaching and Research Group for winning the title of “Advanced Teaching and Research Group of Zhejiang Province” with its excellent teaching and research strength and excellent academic performance!I wish them to make further progress in their future teaching, research and teaching work, continue to shine on the teaching post, contribute to the cause of the motherland’s education!