Garbage sorting manager Yang Lanxiang’s day

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Yang Lanxiang helps residents sort garbage.Our reporter Mu Fangting photograph (Fuzhou Daily reporter Mu Fangting correspondent Xu Liuqin) at 5 o ‘clock yesterday, the day is not bright, by the light of the street lamps in the community, Yang Lanxiang set on the work vest, quickly to the trash can washed, lined up.At 6 a.m., for the 1,570th time in her career, she was at the neighborhood’s garbage sorting bin.Yang Lanxiang, 58, a native of Lanzhou, works as a garbage sorting manager at Wanbao Xincun community in Gulou District.During the Spring Festival, the amount of garbage in the community has increased a lot more than usual. Every morning after 6 o ‘clock, residents have poured kitchen waste onto the stainless steel baffle on the garbage can. Yang Lanxiang uses a clip to pick up the garbage to see if there are coffee bags, plastic wrap, soy sauce covers, etc., and at this time a peculiar smell will then get into the nostrils.Yang lanxiang has been doing this job for two years, and in her impression, residents’ awareness of garbage sorting has gradually increased in the past two years.”As you can see, disposable paper cups are separated from tea leaves, and napkins are not thrown into the kitchen waste.”As she spoke, she went through the different kinds of rubbish with a clip.After a busy morning of work, it was eleven o ‘clock when I got home.Yang Lanxiang, who had skipped breakfast, had her first hot meal of the day.At first, Yang Lanxiang was a “strange” presence in the eyes of the community residents.Standing in the sweltering garbage sorting room on a hot summer’s day, she peered into residents’ garbage bags and exhorted them in Mandarin, full of Lanzhou, to “separate dry garbage from wet garbage…”Residents can see her every day of the year, 365 days a year, during the time when garbage is scheduled to drop.Xiao Li, a resident who went back to Henan for the Spring Festival, said that when he left on the morning of The New Year’s Eve, Elder Sister Yang was in the garbage sorting house. When she came back on the evening of the sixth day of the New Year, she was still there.Yang Lanxiang told the reporter that the company will have the Spring Festival holiday this year, but after discussion with his wife, he still chose not to go back to lanzhou. “I am 58 years old this year, and after two years of retirement, I can go back to Lanzhou to eat beef noodles, which is called a incense!”This is the “home” plan in Yang Lanxiang’s mind.In such a day after day “repeat”, everyone from know garbage to classification, to get used to the existence of Yang Lanxiang, and then learn to classify their own……”At first, some residents did not understand, but after a period of persuasion, residents here will slowly cooperate.”Yang Lanxiang said.At nine o ‘clock in the evening, Yang Lanxiang dragged three buckets of garbage to the roadside for cleaning, opened the small book she carried, stood on tiptoe, with a blue marker, wrote down the weight of all kinds of garbage on the wall in the classification column, “0.2 kg of harmful garbage, 4 kg of recyclable garbage…”As far as the eye could see, there were neat rows of blue numbers.When she left, Yang dragged the floor of the garbage sorting house twice with a mop, including a small tile near the door.”It’s the same as if you were in your own home,” she said. “It has to be clean and nice.”