I’ll pay you $500,000 a year, nine to twelve?Programmer: They want me to take a pay cut to work overtime

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, a net user posted a post in the programmer community: “Programmers still want to work until they are 35?Now the limit is 32.Soon, this post attracted many programmers’ comments: “The root of the problem is the disunity of workers. When faced with such unity, let’s see which company dare to boycott.””Fertility is still too high”;”This is said to be 32, in fact, above 28 is not considered”;”Haha, 985 PhD, under 28 years old, 5 years work experience”;”This position does not cast worth mentioning, the estimate is financial class, financial overtime is more ruthless than the Internet, but the others do not say”;”This is an entry-level position, of course, the age limit”;”At the age of 35, Amway is not as good as JAVA”;”Still too many people, just pick”;”The birth rate is too high,” another netizen said.”Thanks Huawei”;”What pheasant unit?Can I get ten thousand dollars a month?Laughing my head off “;”May really be for our good, older afraid of overtime too fierce sudden death”;”Master degree or above”;”How old are you when you graduate from a doctor’s degree, but still under 32? It’s hilarious!””Not very logical”;”I don’t think it’s wrong to be 35 and have one year of experience.””No one cares,” said others.”Let them recruit some rookies to make more trouble”;”Hr: there is a huge shortage of people, there is no recruitment”;”Just part of the SX site”;”Jd is not a serious company”;”I was just about to post, but you beat me to it”;”Have what use, all contend to be a programmer anyway.Who cares what you do when you’re 32 “;”This HR can be directly opened, write a job 1-3 years is not good, must add a cause social anxiety words”;What do you think about this question? You are welcome to post your views in the comments section.