New Year paintings for the Winter Olympics let Weifang folk to the world

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Walking into the Weiwu Cultural and Creative Hall in Shihu Garden, Weicheng District, the antique red courtyard is full of the collision of tradition and art.Here, Qi Junying, the founder of Weicwu, is leading her team to share guidance on the creation of New Year pictures and calendars.”The Winter Olympic Games will be held in China this year. In order to combine the Olympic spirit with the traditional Artisan spirit, my team and I have specially designed the ‘Tiger Tiger Living Power calendar 2022’ to allow the New Year’s pictures to ‘participate’ in the Winter Olympic Games.”Qi said.Qi Junying led the team to design the Calendar for the Year of the Tiger, in the form of cultural creation as a gift for the Winter Olympics, the theme of the work is prominent, the use of traditional New Year painting colors and current popular colors, not only retains the traditional New Year painting techniques, but also in line with modern aesthetics.Take “Forest tiger” as the prototype of the wall calendar cover, and select different images in different months, such as the beauty holding lotus in “Lian Lian Yu”, and the Number One Scholar wearing palace flowers and red robes in “Number One Scholar”…Many lifelike New Year picture doll images appear in the image design of the calendar, each page of the calendar is hand-pasted, as a cultural gift showing weifang characteristics, is an important project of weifang Culture and tourism Bureau “culture to the sea” activities.”Weifang’s New Year paintings are well known throughout the country. The Olympic Games is a golden opportunity, coincring with the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger. I feel very proud to be able to present a gift to the Olympics.”Qi said.In addition to Weifang New Year pictures, Weifang kites, Zodiac and other cultural and creative products are also important design fields of Weifang Cultural and creative.As a member of Shandong Folk Writers and Artists Association, Qi junying also led his team to participate in the first Women’s Handcraft Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shandong Province, the 16th Shandong Tourism Product Innovation and Design Competition in 2018, and the 2021 “Beijing Gift” Tourism products and cultural and creative products competition, and achieved good results.With a wave of energy and enthusiasm, in 2015, established the weifang diesel JiJunYing brand, she led her team personally visit a day, see many craftsmen for livelihood was forced to interrupt his love of art, in order not to let the traditional loss, no matter cold summer, she personally by both artists in the home, take experience to them, listen to advice.At first, some artisans thought she was a whim, but with Qi Junying’s daily persistence, these old artisans were also moved by her perseverance, and they gradually became important partners of Qi Junying’s cooperation in the future.In addition to Qi Junying’s persistence and love, it is inseparable from the concerted efforts of the team.In order to present a perfect work, it is common to stay up late to create, and countless sweat and tears must be paid to interweave a beautiful creation.”I am a tujia girl, especially interested in culture since childhood, when I learned about the culture of Weifang, I was deeply attracted, I sincerely like it, this is the accumulation of culture.Weicwu team member Zou Ke said excitedly.Fortunately, qi Junying got together with a group of like-minded young people who also love traditional crafts. They made the traditional Weifang handicraft full of young colors, and also attracted more young people to know the traditional folk culture of Weifang.Now, the company continues to develop mature, the formation of a complete development system, the team regularly organize training and learning, understand the corporate culture, master professional technology, and domestic and foreign excellent illustrator cooperation, continue to open up the sales market, development is increasingly fruitful.Keep art, inheritance, innovation has been content and the company’s three major development philosophy, “keep the old craft, inheriting the traditional culture, innovative new ways, let more people understand the culture of weifang has always been my mind, is also the reason why I choose WeiCheng, it is the foundation of weifang culture and hub, rich cultural heritage worthy of our young people to dig with the rest of my life.I hope more young people can love the traditional folk customs of Weifang and the traditional culture of their hometown.”In the future, Qi Junying will lead the team to design more original works, combine regional culture, dig into the historical roots, design more and deeper creative designs, and make traditional culture radiate new vitality and vitality.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter Shi Rukuan correspondent Hao Peiru report)