Siqin Gaowa: forget the past and ex-husband, wholeheartedly for the son’s atonement, now a happy family

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Sun Tie is as excellent as her mother Siqin Gaowa. She has a strong artistic talent since childhood. Under her hard work, she has played numerous films and television works, and is a rare good actor at present.Unfortunately, Sun Tie suffered a family accident at a young age. His mother left home and went abroad to develop in Switzerland, while his father was not only emotionally frustrated, but also had to spend the rest of his life in prison.The growing journey of Sun Tie is extremely rough, after high school drops out, open the day that north drifts, what kind of urge tear story is having again between him and parents, we walk into the story to announce answer to a riddle…Sun Tie had a miserable childhood.His parents had gone their separate ways when he was very young.Custody was equally divided between him and his sister.When Sun Tie grew up, he realized that the real reason for his parents’ divorce was his father, and he hoped that his parents would be reunited one day.His mother grew up a pair of beauty embryo son, is a school flower in the school, loved by classmates and teachers.Because of his excellent performance, he was recruited to work behind the Inner Mongolia Song and Dance Troupe at the age of 14.Sun Tie’s father’s position is much higher than his mother’s.With excellent grades, he not only grew old, but also entered the society early and became a well-known director of the film factory.Sun Tie’s grandfather died in battle when he was very young, leaving brilliant military achievements, became the glory of the family.Sun Tie’s grandmother was widowed and now lives alone with loneliness.In Sun Tie’s impression, his father and mother were in love because of the drama and got married in a flash marriage. They had children before marriage and gave birth to their sister Sun Dan.When my sister was three years old, Sun Tie was born.Regrettably, Sun Tie is still in feeding period, because of the life of a variety of trivia, character, dad and mom quarrel every day.When Sun Tie was two years old, his parents divorced.His mother and sister were left alone, while Sun Tie was condemned to his father.The family lived far apart and saw little of each other.Sun Tie not only lost her mother’s love, even her father also cared only about his own life, fell in love with others, and sent herself to her grandmother’s home.God is always fair.Father’s character is unchanged, no matter how good the marriage is still broken in his hands.Father and his new wife had only been in love for three years before they left home.Later, my father got to know Aunt Fang with the introduction of the matchmaker, but they still said goodbye to each other regretfully because of their personality differences.Unfortunately, during the marriage, the father couldn’t control his emotions and accidentally injured Aunt Fang. He was sentenced to five years in prison.This matter let grandma hurt the heart, also let Sun Tie as a child by outsiders censure.At the age of 16, Sun Tie began to work on the back of the pack, because he did not want to involve grandma.He knew very well that he was going away. He would leave this sad place and hoped that one day he could come back to see grandma.02 In Shenzhen, far away from home, he started from zero, only to make a living, part-time jobs everywhere, everywhere for home, polishing himself, let himself grow up quickly.One day, Sun Tie caught a bad cold and almost died.Fortunately, a good Samaritan found him and promptly sent him to the hospital for treatment, only to pick up a life.And this good Samaritan after also incognito, Sun Tie has not found her, Thanksgiving had to run aground.Sun Tie’s mother is taking her daughter to enjoy her happiness in Switzerland.Her husband, a prominent Swiss musician, treated her well.Although she had no contact with her son over the years, she learned from her grandmother that Sun Tie was struggling alone in Shenzhen.She discussed it with her husband and decided to open a trading company near Shenzhen, so that mother and son could meet each other conveniently.But reality always hits home.Sun Tie did not accept the alms of the mother, his heart belatedly put not to the hatred of the mother.Later, mom’s company was on the verge of bankruptcy, and she had to resume her career as an actress.Right now, Sun Tie also returned to grandma’s side, take care of the old father.After all, he has suffered a lot in prison, and the years since his release have become more mature.Sun Tie in order not to let the family drink northwest wind, had to put down dignity, seek the help of mother.He borrowed a small sum of money from his mother and promised to pay her back with double interest.After receiving the money from his mother, he kept himself busy and scrimped to make life easier for his family.The father and grandmother would come to the shop from time to time to help their children in case they were tired.Two years later, Sun Tie saved enough money and immediately returned the money to his mother.But mom thought it was too strange and didn’t want it.Sun Tie immediately returned 1, later we do not owe, because I have no longer is the past of that Sun Tie.Siqin Gaowa listened to the child’s words, more pain in the heart, she did not understand what he did wrong, why his son is so cruel to himself.Two years later, Sun Tie’s restaurant closed for a variety of reasons.Sun Tie can regain confidence only, look for a job all the way.Finally, I found a job as a salesman in Hunan, specializing in selling gynecological drugs.Siqin Gaowa worried about the future of the child, kindly persuaded himself to pay for him to study abroad.But Sun Tie went in one ear and out the other, and did not regard his mother’s words as a thing.Unexpectedly, in less than half a year, he saved money to buy a plane ticket and went abroad to study alone.03 Siqin Gaowa learned that her son went to Belgium to study abroad without telling her, often quietly to see his son, to see how he was.Unexpectedly, my son was washing dishes in a Chinese restaurant and living in a small shabby room with only dozens of square meters.Shabby scene, really like a needle, let oneself distressed unceasingly.What was more unexpected was that the son saw his mother, without a greeting, leaving only a cold.Two years later, Sun Tie returned to China again.He started his own business, worked as a paparazzi, and sold a variety of health products, but his heart can not satisfy the current situation, always feel that something is missing.Later, Siqin Gaowa was injured in the filming process and hospitalized.After the elder sister Sun Dan learned that, without stopping to come back from abroad, opened a restaurant in China, explained the store manager to take good care of the store business, give yourself more time to take care of his mother.All those days when mom was in the hospital, she kept talking about her brother.My sister understood that my mother was very worried about my brother, and told him about my mother and father in the past.After listening to sun Tie, he realized that he was too stupid to misunderstand his mother these years.Follow your sister and go to the hospital immediately.When Sun Tie was at his bedside, his mother shed tears and told sun Tie with guilt that she had been too selfish and let him lose the harbor of home.Her mother also swore that she would make up for her mistakes and give Sun Tie a happy family.Then the mother and son hugged each other.After siqin Gaowa recovered, the first thing she did was pave the way for her son.She used her connections to get her son into the film business.Sun Tie also does not live up to the mother’s pay, in the drama go all out, take all kinds of praise.Later, Sun Tie’s father, Sun Tianxia, suffered a relapse of cerebral infarction due to drunkenness and was hospitalized.Although picked up a life, but lifelong lower hemiplegia.Sun Tie tries his best to persuade father to must abstain from alcohol, keep one’s character, do not let oneself and grandma worry about it.The old father obeyed his son like a changed man.Sun Tie’s life is back on track.He made his first fortune acting in a variety of plays.After work, he also did not forget to often go back to visit his father, and his father about his performance story, and take him to walk around.Sun Tianxiang spent the rest of his life dealing with drugs.Siqin Gaowa did not want her son to have too much pressure, often send money to his son, told his son not to tell his father, where the money came from.He told his son to use the money to buy medicine for his father and make the family better.Paper enveloped the fire.In a conversation with his father, Sun Tie unconsciously told his father that his mother had been quietly taking care of the family.Sun Tianxiang listened to, tears trickling down his cheeks.A year later, Sun Tianxiang’s birthday party, Siqin Gaowa took her sister to attend.Sun Tianxiang looked at his wife for many years, tears while saying his past is not, the heart of guilt can not help but show on his face.Siqin Gaowa told Sun Tianxiang, all this turned over, we look forward together, you now want to take good care of your body, let Sun Tie no longer worry about you by fear on the line.Seeing this scene, Sun Tie unconsciously felt a trace of warmth.A few years later, Sun Tie married himself and moved to Beijing.The following year, Sun Tie brought his own children and sister to visit their father.Siqin Gaowa will also take time out, often go home to see his father.They often nag at Sun Tie’s ear and remind sun Tie to be a filial child so that they can set an example for their children.Six years later, Siqin Gaowa is old and has gradually left the film industry.Her husband returned from abroad to accompany her in her old age.Although Siqin Gaowa has her own family, she often buys daily necessities and health care products for her ex-husband.Sun Tianxiang also politely return the gift to his ex-wife, often told his son to buy some snacks she likes to eat for his mother.Sun Tie watched his father and mother coming and going like friends, and his heart became warmer and his tears fell unconsciously.In the end, Siqin Gaowa kept her promise to give her son a complete home.To a certain extent, Although Siqin Gaowa is not a good wife, but a good mother.She has been guilty of using her mother’s love to repair the relationship with her son.At the same time, she was a woman who let go of past grudges.She knew her son’s heart and tried her best to resolve the conflict with her ex-husband. She took care of her ex-husband with her heart and helped her son lighten the burden on his body, so that the family lived a little more sweet.Sun Tie is having the support of mother, rely on oneself artistic talent and assiduous diligence, harvest oneself wealth inside film and television circle, became household name red star, and had oneself happy happy family.For Sun Tie, the ups and downs along the way, have disappeared into their spiritual wealth, so that their road ahead of a green light.