The 48V hybrid system loads the power of the 2022 Chevrolet Explorer 2.0T

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, SAIC-GM Chevrolet announced the launch of the 2022 Chevrolet Explorer, which continues to offer the power combination of 1.5T engine + 6-speed automatic transmission and 2.0t engine + 9-speed automatic transmission.It is worth mentioning that the new explorer with 2.0t engine has added 48V light mix system, which provides additional power, torque, and greatly reduces fuel consumption for the new car, and does not increase the price of the same model.The new Chevrolet 2022 models with a 48-V light hybrid system are all 2.0T models, and those who follow Chevrolet will be familiar with gm’s 2T9 power combination.The core member, the eighth generation Ecotec 2.0T engine, relies on the core technology initiated by THE GE series brand: Tripower intelligent variable cylinder technology, also known as variable valve management technology.The technology through the CAM shape control engine intake valve closure, in order to cut off the engine power output, so that the car in the daily commuting low load, control closed part of the cylinder, reduce fuel consumption;When strong power is needed, it can be released without hindrance, reaching the double standard of power output and energy saving and emission reduction.The original American cars, only used in V6, V8 and other large displacement self-priming engines, but Gm Chevrolet has innovatively applied it to this 2.0T engine.At the same time, the addition of the 48V light mixing system makes the new car more excellent in power performance. The 48V light mixing system can quickly start the engine to the target speed through the motor in the start-up stage, so as to realize the sensitive and smooth start of the engine and the fast start.In the acceleration phase, the 48V motor optimizes the engine working condition by using electric power under the condition that battery SOC (available state of residual charge) is greater than 30% and the vehicle power performance is equal (steady acceleration state), thus reducing fuel consumption.To speed smooth, quill 48 v light mixed system HCU (hybrid control unit) based on SOC and engine working condition of the optimal conditions, such as into intelligent charging mode, efficient implementation engine heat energy into electricity and stored within the 48 v power battery, for subsequent hybrid functions, improve overall efficiency of driving system at the same time, increased 48 v hybrid system life.When the vehicle is in the process of coasting or braking deceleration, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is transferred from the transmission system to the generator and converted into electrical energy, which is stored in the 48V power battery for subsequent hybrid function, improving the overall efficiency of the drive system and reducing fuel consumption;Namely, braking energy recovery, so that the whole set of 48V motor in the engine speed smooth period and braking attenuation period can achieve energy recovery, improve battery efficiency.After that, in the idle state of the vehicle, the 48V motor output torque to maintain the engine speed and the operation of accessories, prolong the engine deceleration oil cut-off time, reduce fuel consumption, that is, the electric idle state.Zuihou, under the condition that the vehicle stop form speed is close to 0, the engine will be in the state of oil cut off, and the 48V motor will shut down the engine to realize intelligent stop.In this way, with the loading of 48V motor, the 2022 new explorer can be better than the current pure fuel locomotive in all aspects of fuel consumption, power and driving experience.More importantly, the addition of 48V without price of the new exploration, is the choice of CONSCIENCE of SAIC-GM.In addition, the new car also in the driving skills and on-board entertainment to do enhanced.With higher configuration, stronger power and purer sports atmosphere, it is believed that the 2022 Chevrolet New Explorer will meet the needs of most post-90s young consumers.