Two dead, possibly from carbon monoxide poisoning!South Korean presidential candidate has had an accident on his campaign bus

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Two people’s Party presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo’s campaign car workers died after falling into a coma in South Korea’s presidential election campaign on Sunday.The police speculate that carbon monoxide poisoning may have occurred in the luggage compartment under the vehicle, which supplies electricity to external broadcasting equipment. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.The dead were a driver in his 50s and a people’s Party member in his late 70s.The bus had an LED screen attached to it, powered by a generator in the luggage compartment, was covered with campaign posters and had poor ventilation, with only a window on the driver’s side.The Joongang Ilbo newspaper said the Ministry of Employment and Labor had quickly stepped in to investigate whether the Major Disaster Punishment Law had been violated.If the law is applied, Ahn, who is in charge of management, will face up to one year in prison or a fine of up to one billion won, and his party will face a fine of up to five billion won.Carbon monoxide is colorless, tasteless hard to detect more carbon monoxide poisoning accident occurred in the production and living must make these common sense you should know that protection source: People’s Daily overseas edition, kwangmyong emergency manage hall, the green hornet, shaanxi, hubei emergency management magazine China’s emergency management The new media center column editor: Gu Wanquan text editor: lin-wei pictured above sources:Pictures taken by DA Xi, Edited by SU Wei Source: Authors: Chinese Emergency Management