Two wins in a row!Ling Zhi and Fan Su Yuan beat Australia 6-5 in the second round of curling mixed doubles round robin

2022-04-25 0 By

China beat Australia 6-5 in the curling mixed doubles round-robin second round at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Image: visual China as our client – new chongqing February 3 at 50 dispatch (reporter Wu Lifan) today, (3) beat Switzerland in late February 2, for the Chinese delegation won the first win the games, Beijing Olympic curling mixed doubles the second round round robin, LingZhi and Fan Su round match against Australia combination Jill and lleyton hewitt, two wins in a row!China will play Sweden tonight.This round of matches against Australia, the first two games, the two sides use the back hand to each score 1 point, Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi in the third game played well to get 2 points, the fourth game neither side failed to score, After half time China lead 3-1.In the fifth set, China came back to take one point, but Gill and Hewitt broke out in the sixth and scored three points to level the score at 4-4.In the seventh game, Ling zhi and Fan Su Yuan again showed great mental strength and scored two points successfully. In the eighth game, Australia had a chance to come back, but they made a mistake on the last shot and only scored one point. Finally, Ling Zhi and Fan Su Yuan combined to beat Australia 6-5.In terms of this game, China’s combination of play is still stable.There were mistakes, but as the game went on, they were able to adjust.Fansu yuan today overall state compared to yesterday improved a lot.8 p.m. Vs. Sweden, hope China team make persistent efforts, impact three consecutive wins!(This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download to each major application market)