Where are chery Platinum members?Dongfeng Peugeot recalled vehicles again similar problems, at one’s own expense or free?

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On the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, Mr. Yuan called to protect his rights — where are the platinum members of automobile quality?!Mr. Yuan this Chery Jetu X70Plus is on December 26, 2020 in Jinan Quanshan Guofeng AUTOMOBILE 4S shop to buy.According to Mr. Yuan’s description, there is no problem with the quality of the car, but there is a small bug in the service. When buying a car, the other party promised to give three times of maintenance and give permanent platinum membership.So what benefits will platinum members enjoy?$400 a year for two upkeep and a lifetime free warranty.Such welfare treatment to maintain need to spend more than 400 jie way Mr. Yuan will tell really good.However, in the second maintenance, Mr. Yuan was told that the use of maintenance coupons has exceeded the time, need to pay for maintenance.Mr. Yuan was very surprised, these other party did not inform, now let oneself bear these losses, it is not good!Fortunately, the guofeng 4S shop was processed and maintained in the afternoon, but when asking himself how to pay for the maintenance of platinum members in 2022, Mr. Yuan was told that he was not a platinum member!Why did a lifetime platinum member suddenly disappear?With the question, Mr. Yuan asked the 4S shop, but was blocked by sales. Turning around, he finally learned a bit of information — because the car was purchased on December 26, 2020, the 4S shop bought Mr. Yuan a platinum membership for the whole year of 2020, and there is no membership in 2021 and 2022 naturally!So how can this problem be solved?Guo Feng 4S shop a Ms Li said platinum membership belongs to the factory activities, in the 365 days from the date of car purchase to enjoy, if the date is no longer enjoy.If you want to enjoy the lifetime platinum membership, you need to purchase on the manufacturer’s app.Now the two sides agreed to enter the store again to communicate, rights journalists are also continuing to follow up.Recall vehicle appears similar problem again, this should pay oneself unexpectedly?!The car owner Mr. Shen called the program group, said his 2015 Dongfeng Peugeot 308S in 2020 due to the timing of the belt hair was recalled by the manufacturer, in the store after replacing the belt overhaul engine, the vehicle in a year and a half after the hair problem again!Now Mr. Shen went into the shop again for inspection, but was informed that the car had once changed the oil outside the shop, resulting in leather belt hair, so need to solve at his own expense.Such words made Mr. Shen unable to accept, he did change the oil outside, but no matter where to replace the common problem is a common problem, now the same problem as recall, why 4S shop did not report, why not solve, which Mr. Shen could not accept.In addition, Mr. Shen said that the timing belt shedding can clog the pump and cause the vehicle to stall. This car had the first stall problem at 50,000km and the second stall problem at 90,000km. The 2020 recall apparently did not completely solve the problem.With questions, you contact the Peugeot manufacturer customer service, the other party said the problem has been recorded later feedback, in the afternoon, the open source of 4 s shop manager li back said problem is communication, problem again is shen didn’t use the correct oil cause, given the current shen in maintenance of the store, the store has already declared factory processing maintenance.If you have automobile problems, you can call our complaint telephone number, 053182954520 or 15105311031.Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1031 auto rights hotline, for your rights!More videos can be watched through Douyin and FM1031 Jinan Traffic Broadcast.