Did you catch the “trend”?The Lantern Festival, “Ice City +” for users to arrange a “punk health bureau”

2022-04-26 0 By

On February 15, the Lantern Festival, every family reunion ~ 9 am, in the “ice City +” and KFC jointly created the theme restaurant – No. 259 Daoli District Central Street KFC (riverside restaurant), customers are in an endless stream.What’s going on here?It turned out that “Ice city +” and KFC jointly opened a 100% winning lottery game here on the 15th day of the first month of this year “snow lights”, outside with snow, blowing cold wind, “Ice City +” client with KFC (riverside restaurant) to the store customers to serve warm ginger coke.Many customers who had planned to buy ginger Coke pulled out their mobile phones and downloaded the “Ice City +” app to participate in the lucky draw after being told that they would have a chance to get a glass of ginger Coke if they participated in the lucky draw.Some children with a “try it” mentality said after smoking ginger coke, “Ginger Coke is also very good.”It seems that mom and dad no longer need to worry about their children drinking cold coke in winter, after all, children began to like drinking health care ginger coke.In the KFC restaurant full of “Ice City +” theme elements, customers can download “ice City +” client to participate in the lucky draw, in addition to the winter limited ginger cola, but also the original ice cream cone and “ice City +” customized mobile phone holder.We are saying that “ice city +” client is worth downloading benefits are really sent to the beloved ginger coke what exactly?Ginger coke ginger coke is KFC for people who love health to prepare a enjoy and health fusion work can enjoy the “happy water” cool feeling and ginger hot drink warm health with coke sweet boiled ginger new taste in the tip of the tongue flowing strong way full of ginger at any time chewing a root not only to warm, but also “cool”!In the spring of this from time to time to light a cup of hot shredded ginger cola to open the “+” city client see this season’s exclusive news is be little really luckily didn’t participate in the activities of the other children don’t regret “+” city 2022 client will launch very much fun activities more wonderful big welfare hoso sweep download code “+” city at any time the client to obtain active message”+ “client city officially launched on December 31, 2021, is Harbin new communication platform, the Internet communication and ideological main land, integrating” news + government + service “, our Harbin authority “export” function, 24 hours for the user to send the most comprehensive news and information, the most authoritative government dynamic and the most thoughtful service life.Source: Harbin News Editor: Wang Yue, Liu Yixuan Photography: Liu Jingnan, Wang Still