Innovative BMW iX overturns your imagination and makes you feel extraordinary

2022-04-26 0 By

The development of pure electric vehicles is in full swing, and BMW is catching up with its rivals in the competition of electrification and intelligence. BMW iX is the flagship SAV of BMW’s new energy models. Innovative BMW iX not only shows the technological accumulation of BMW in automobile intelligence.It also shows BMW’s different understanding of medium and large luxury pure electric SAV. Let’s take a look at this innovative BMW iX.The appearance of the innovative BMW iX is a continuation of BMW’s aggressive and fierce design style. The large double kidney grille in the center of the front face is not only a hallmark of BMW’s family design elements, but also brings a strong aura to THE BMW iX. Combined with the long and narrow headlights, it is very imposing.In addition, the innovative BMW iX is also the first BMW mid-sized luxury SAV to feature frameless doors, which combine the integral roof and sliding back design to create an attractive shape, as well as the black trim on the bottom edge of the body, which extends from the front skirt to the rear of the body, giving off a powerful aura.In addition, the rear of the car pioneering the use of water droplet design, unique, coupled with the integrated taillight so that the whole vehicle derived a modern avant-garde atmosphere.Interior part, the overall style is simple and do not lose the sense of science and technology.The number of physical buttons has been reduced by about 50%, BMW’s largest ever panoramic dimmable canopy spans the entire roof of the vehicle, a redesigned central passageway, and a number of innovations that greatly enhance the sense of space and leisure in the cockpit.Polygonal dual-spoke multi-functional steering wheel is novel in shape and very futuristic. At the same time, it is equipped with 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel and 14.9-inch suspension central control screen, creating a strong sense of science and technology atmosphere.In addition, the interior is also equipped with the new personalized BMW iDrive system “My Modes” function, which can provide a variety of immersive cockpit experience according to the driver’s preferences. In addition, the panoramic adjustable sky can be used to shade the sun according to the user’s needs, ensuring the shading and privacy during the driving process.Create a pleasant open space together.In terms of power, the innovative BMW iX is equipped with a BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system and adaptive air suspension with front and rear axles, providing excellent dynamic performance and ride comfort in all road conditions.In addition, the fifth generation BMW eDrive electric drive technology applied in the new car enables the vehicle to have excellent endurance performance, with a range of more than 600 km under THE WLTP standard, providing users with a comfortable long distance journey.In general, BMW adheres to the concept of the pioneer and creates such a pure electric vehicle innovation BMW iX for future consumer demand. It is proud of its leading technology to make the life of smart vehicles seamless and experience the touching of pure electric driving every time.