New handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “in gourd ladle, also don’t like painting

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1. I thought the new version was a new one or a sequel, but I didn’t think it was basically a remake of the Lord of Demons who depended on Heaven to slay the Dragon. The plot was similar.2, “nine” version of the scriptwriting level is poor, a lot of story puzzling, such as Zhang Wuji zhou Zhi if so deep affection where?How old were they when they were on the same boat and sent amber?3, Zhang Wuji was bullied for a long time in his childhood, after he returned to the Ice fire Island to learn jiuyang Shengong, what is this set?According to this setting, Zhang Wuji character must be impulsive type, how can listen to huashan two old men molesting his mother also smile but not a word?But is irrelevant small zhao move?4, the movie has always felt that the eagle king is Ming Jiao jiao, Yang Xiao is playing soy sauce?His force value setting is not too low a point, not with a master fight in the dark palm rest for a long time…Wait, wait, wait, wait. There are other things that don’t make sense.If you are a fan of the evil movie, it doesn’t matter whether you watch nine or not, but you can pay a few yuan for a replacement ticket to director Wang Jing.