Singapore media: Overseas Chinese secondary School students bravely fight against cancer

2022-04-26 0 By

Tan Jia Rong, 19, a senior student at Overseas Chinese High School in Singapore, was diagnosed with bone cancer two and a half years ago, lianhe Zaobao reported. After her left leg was amputated, the cancer has returned twice.After undergoing three major operations, chemotherapy and learning to walk again after being fitted with prosthetic legs, he insisted on taking his A-level exams in 2021 to graduate with his classmates who supported his fight against cancer.Tan moved to Singapore from China with her parents at the age of 10 and is now a permanent resident.In his fourth year of secondary school, he went to the emergency department of a hospital for severe pain in his left thigh and was referred to a specialist for diagnosis of osteosarcoma.As the cancer was very aggressive, he needed immediate chemotherapy and surgery.One of the two options on the table is rotationplasty, which involves removing the tumor from the leg bone along with the knee joint, turning the lower part of the lower leg around and connecting it to the thigh root to make the ankle joint a knee joint so that a prosthetic arm can be used to walk like a normal person.Another option is to keep the whole leg but replace the bone with a metal structure, which carries a greater risk of cancer recurrence.He chose to have his leg amputated and had to endure side effects such as vomiting and canker sores after undergoing chemotherapy.He missed classes entirely in the second half of 2019, but insisted on reviewing lessons while he was in good spirits.Teachers took school tests to the hospital or home for him to answer. He passed them and went on to high school, returning to classes the next year.In March and October 2020, the cancer spread to his lungs and lymph nodes in his chest. He had two more major operations, but this time he was only out for two or three weeks each time.During the anti-cancer period, he also accepted the doctor’s suggestion to visit the young bone cancer patients in the hospital voluntarily, sharing the experience of fighting disease and fitting artificial limbs, and cheering them up.His experience fighting cancer gave him an interest in medical technology and he aims to enroll in the department of Biomedical engineering at the National University of Singapore.