The former TVB star has been living in Beijing for more than 10 years. After dating for three days, he decided his wife was his partner for life

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Recently, TVB rerunned the classic situation drama “True Feelings”, causing a wave of recall killings.Many of the actors in the drama are not in front of the screen, including “Big win” Yan Guoliang, “Guiyanan” Guo Yaoming, “Luo Zodiac” Wu Mei heng, “Luo Sheng jin” Liang Pei Ying, and “Tang Lisheng” Lu Qinghui.Lu Qinghui, 53, moved to Beijing 15 years ago.Recently, Lu qinghui participated in the filming of the Mainland drama darkroom, in which he played a police officer, occasionally indulged in entertainment.Lu qinghui was a stranger when he first came to Beijing. He said that he was not used to the climate and food in Beijing at that time, but he has gradually got used to it.However, I still miss the food in Hong Kong very much.Lu qinghui applied for TVB’s 8th artist training class in 1995 and was in the same class with Li Tianxiang, Gai Shibao, Shibao, Tang Yingying and Yao Yingying.After graduation, Lu appeared in TV series such as True Love, A Good Hand and a Good Heart, and An Enemy should Not Be Solved.When it comes to the unforgettable things of shooting the TV series “True Feelings”, Lu Qinghui recalls that there is one person who makes him remember in his heart.Originally at that time in filming a “true feelings” of the highlight, because of their own filming experience is not enough, all the scene is the elder himself very nervous, resulting in their own non-stop NG.At that time, senior Guan Haishan said to himself, “young people don’t be nervous, eyes closed into the role, the dialogue will naturally come out.”It is because of this sentence that lu Qinghui immediately passed the shooting.Lu qinghui rose to fame in the gleason’s set of gleason in 2001, when he played Tang Lisheng in TVB’s “True Love”. His bright looks made him popular among audiences.Now, Lu qinghui is studying to be a director at a production company that mainly produces TV series.Lu Qinghui was rumored to be involved in a series of scandals, including editor Chen Baohua, in addition to peng Ziqing in “True Feelings”.However, he later publicly admitted that he was romantically involved with Emily Cheung and was later rumored to be romantically involved with Anita Mui and Tony Chan.His image was even tarnished in 2000 by reports that he had been attacked during a fun trip to Macau.Because of the negative news, Lu qinghui finally decided to leave the land of trouble, to the mainland.It wasn’t until 2017 that he returned to Hong Kong to make PTU Mobile With Lin Feng, Charlene Choi and Citic Fong.During the gleason’s rise north, Lu also gained his love.He’s been dating for three days and already identifies her as his partner’s girlfriend.Lu qinghui and his wife met at work and had no contact at first, but a year later they cooperated again because of work.The two decided that each other was their wife on the third day of dating, and finally decided to marry after six months of dating.Speaking about his feelings as a father, Lu said he would try to give his children the best.The discovery of children’s problems will certainly education, will be in the process of growing up to tell the right and wrong to children, so that children can reflect.Lu qinghui admitted that now, if I can meet a character I like, I will decide to shoot.He is more grateful for his experience in TVB, where he learned a lot of knowledge, and also in TVB started his acting career.At that time, I also met a very important role for me, “Tang Lisheng”, so that more audiences know me.Lu qinghui said he made many friends and predecessors through the show, and he still keeps in touch with sister Jiayan.