There are 6 common methods for lacrimal groove filling (1) Want to know which one is more suitable for you?

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In the “eye younger” project q&A communication, the old way found: there are a lot of beauty only know eye bags, do not know the tear groove.In fact, the concept of “lacrimal malformation” was first proposed by Flowers in 1969.What is a tear channel?Who would have it?Lacrimal groove, it is to point to a concave groove that begins to appear by inside canthus next eyelid depends on nasal side, it is congenital to form commonly, the person with thinner eye ministry skin can be more obvious.It’s not just for old people. Many young people, even children, have it.The presence of a tear channel can make us look tired, haggard, and old.Therefore, many beauty seekers want to get rid of it.After half a century of continuous development, there are “6 kinds” of more common lacrimal groove filling methods at present.1. Hyaluronic acid filling lacrimal groove 2. Collagen filling lacrimal groove 3. Autologous fat filling lacrimal groove 4. Hi body, panda needle filling lacrimal groove 5.Today, Lao Lu will explain and analyze it for you.The depression degree of optic lacrimal groove can be divided into light, medium and heavy.Light: for the limitation of lacrimal groove or medial orbital depression.Medium: there are depressions of different degrees inside and outside the orbit.Severe: depression along the entire orbital rim from medial to microlateral.There are “pure lacrimal groove”, “lacrimal groove combined with pouch”.From the perspective of the improvement of lacrimal groove filling, it can be divided into “injection lacrimal groove filling” and “operation lacrimal groove filling”.Each filling method has its advantages and disadvantages, and only the appropriate method can receive good postoperative results.Hyaluronic acid filling lacrimal ditch: hyaluronic acid is a substance that exists in the human body itself, and its scientific name is “hyaluronic acid”.Doctors can improve the lacrimal groove by filling the lacrimal groove with hyaluronic acid, which contains crosslinking.Advantages: 1, filling by injection, simple operation, little trauma, almost no recovery period;2, instant filling, instant can see the effect, the effect is fast;3, hyaluronic acid will be absorbed by the human body metabolism, if not satisfied, can wait for its own absorption, but also can be dissolved with enzyme.Disadvantages: 1. Hyaluronic acid filling lacrimal groove, usually kept for about 6 months will be absorbed by the human body, in order to maintain the effect, it needs to be repeatedly injected, more troublesome.Repeated injection for a long time, is also a small cost, will increase the economic burden of beauty;2, hyaluronic acid filling lacrimal groove, easy to appear “Dundar phenomenon”.Especially for thin skin beauty, if filled with more, it is easy to appear blue lower eyelid, convex (see the following figure);3. Hyaluronic acid is a fluid substance. After filling for a period of time, hyaluronic acid may move down, resulting in the “meat strip” problem.4, the eye is a very rich part of blood vessels, if improper injection, is likely to occur vascular embolism problem, it may cause skin necrosis, even blindness and other irreversible damage!Suitable group: suitable for simple and mild lacrimal groove filling, who want to achieve the effect quickly.Old way summary: hyaluronic acid filling lacrimal groove, because of the simple operation, convenient, rapid effect, become one of the most beautiful people to choose the project.But it is also a target for “quick doctors” to make the risks of hyaluronic acid filling even better.In fact, hyaluronic acid filling is not as simple as “taking a shot” as we imagine. Hyaluronic acid is the third category of medical equipment with the highest risk level specified by the state.If you want to do, it is recommended to choose regular hospitals and experienced professional doctors.Based on safety, long-term effect and other considerations, I personally do not recommend the choice of “hyaluronic acid filling lacrimal groove”!To be continued…If you also have “tears, bags under the eyes” trouble, welcome to pay attention to, leave a message to Lao Lu, Lao Lu will answer one by one for you.# Ditch of tears ## Bags under the eyes ## Dark circles under the eyes #