“China version of Mazda CX-4” launched, Pentium B70S will you buy?

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2021 is fraught with hardships for the auto industry as a whole.In 2021, China’s automobile production and sales reached 26.082 million and 26.275 million, up 3.4% and 3.8% respectively year-on-year, ending the three-year decline since 2018, but behind this performance, there are ups and downs of many brands and changes in industry status.As can be seen from the data, in 2021, there is no joint venture with a scale of more than 2 million vehicles. Faw-volkswagen dominates the list with 1.8578 million vehicles, and FAW-Toyota beats GAC Toyota with 860,000 vehicles and 830,000 vehicles.And Chinese brands are collective strength, in addition to the Great Wall, geely, changan independent one more than millions of vehicles, such as the red flag brand glory in 300000 won the Chinese luxury brand, and faw, with the help of the car brand pentium brand throughout the year, 57700, in the face of 100000 vehicles in 2022 sales target, “stressed out”.Yesterday (February 20), as the first sedan car SUV under the new brand strategy of FAW Pentium, Pentium B70S officially opened for presale, a total of 7 models, the presale range is 1109-143,900 yuan, the new car is expected to be officially launched at the end of the first quarter.Pentium B70S is touted as a new compact SUV of FAW Pentium, but in terms of appearance, it is called by many netizens as “Mazda CX-4 of China”.So, this model, in the end is worth it?15 seconds Pentium B70S Car highlights analysis!1. The side resembles Mazda CX-4, and the size is higher than pentium T77.2.Including lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise, front car collision warning, intelligent speed limit reminder, automatic emergency braking, automatic parking system (APA), 360 degree panoramic image, etc.5, power adopts 1.5t +7 speed wet double clutch and 2.0t +7 speed wet double clutch/AIxin 6 speed hand self-integrated three power matching system appearance,The Pentium B70S is very different from the design language of pentium’s existing models, with elegant lines and movement.The front face adopts the upper and lower layers of the air intake grille design, the upper two slender air intake design pays tribute to the classic rally car modeling elements, the overall size of the lower grille is huge, looking full of ambition.The headlamp group of “Gole-type” is also the characteristic of Pentium family, which is very recognizable and has excellent visual effect after lighting.This eclectic design is obviously to please the preferences of young users, after all, personality can have a common.In terms of size, the new car reaches 4555/1850/1515mm with a wheelbase of 2750mm, which is a slight increase in size compared to the 4525/1845/1615mm of the Pentium T77.The side design incorporates the element of “coupe SUV”, which shows that SUV can pass through and has the low-lying and sporty feeling of a car, which is also the key to being mocked by car friends as being like Mazda CX-4.In the rear, the new car adopts the popular through-through taillights and a small roof spoiler to maintain a very slender silhouette.The rear enclosure is decorated with tail diffuser and bilateral exhaust layout with two exhausts. Several convex places in the interior pay tribute to the design elements of the Great Wall arrow tower, which has a style of retro Chinese fashion and is highly recognizable.Interior, the overall design of the new car also creates a sense of sport, interior central console adopts a 7-inch LCD instrument panel and 12.3-inch multimedia touch screen connected to the dual-screen design, a strong sense of science and technology.The most eye-catching is the 3D vehicle-machine interaction system with the floating design above the central control, which adopts the image of a “two-dimensional little sister” to attract young people’s taste.At the same time, the use of air conditioning air outlet through the co-pilot and electronic gear shift mechanism, practical and strong sense of science and technology.In terms of intelligent configuration, Pentium B70S is equipped with Pentium D-Life 5.2 AI smart ecosystem + smart home service, covering 28 categories of intelligent functions, providing the whole ecosystem service of car scenes, including telephone, navigation, av entertainment, after-sales service, voice assistant, smart home, etc., and enjoying the fun of AI Life.For example, Pentium B70S has the voice command training function, and users can customize the corresponding response commands to meet the personalized user needs.At the same time, it has timbre reproduction function, which can input girlfriend/boyfriend’s voice at will and generate TA’s exclusive command tone.In terms of safety configuration, the new car reaches L2 level of intelligent driving, equipped with functions such as lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise, collision warning, intelligent speed limit alert, automatic emergency braking, automatic parking system (APA), 360-degree panoramic image and so on.In terms of power, the Pentium B70S, like the B70, is equipped with two powertrains of 1.5T and 2.0T, including a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 124kW and a maximum torque of 258N·m, matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, and a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 165kW.The maximum torque is 340N·m, matching the 7-speed wet dual clutch and the 6-block hand automatic transmission provided by Aixin.At the same time, the new car has 13 driving modes, can realize the whole road free gallop.Write in the final as the pentium brand to open new strategy’s first new car, and rushing to the young consumers to build a coupe SUV models, pentium B70S in terms of hardware and software quality build, is a blend of fashion design and Chinese elements, explained the Z on the new cognition of coupe SUV, has injected new vitality for the SUV market.In addition, the pre-sale price of 110,900 yuan is also very cost-effective, and I believe this car will have a strong competitive advantage in the following market performance.