Chinese curling beauty appearance level is high!Dominear shout out to raise the national flag to play the national anthem, the husband confessions, will be big marriage

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Chinese curling pair Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan beat Swiss pair Peret and Rios 7-6 to win China’s first victory at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Among them, female team member Fan Su yuan is popular, she is pure and lovely, the appearance level is very high, but already “famous flower has owner”.On social media, Fan su Won’s husband said the couple were getting married.In this match, The Chinese team performed very well, the two young players faced the world champion, very calm, dare to fight, and finally won 7-6.Liu Yin, a member of the 2009 Curling World Championship, said bluntly, “Our athletes are very confident. This match, relatively speaking, we are completely under the pressure of the opponent.”Fan Su yuan is pure and lovely, the appearance level is very high, at the scene, her sweet smile is impressive.Of course, cried Fansuyen, very loudly.After winning, Fan Su yuan is very considerate, but also did not forget to say to the site staff “hard”!Fan su Yuan’s husband, Chen Zi Ang, said on social media, “I will give you a grand wedding after the Olympics. Come on, daughter-in-law!”It turned out that fan Su Won and her lover had not seen each other for more than 200 days because they were preparing for the Winter Olympics.However, her lover Chen Zi Ang is waiting for her and expects her to get good grades.The netizen envied, “For Fan Su yuan’s good result, please all the netizen eat xitang.””Our goal is to stand on the podium and have the national anthem play and the flag fly,” fansuyuan said.Of course, Fan Su Yuan also sent her New Year’s greetings to the audience, very thoughtful.In fact, the outside world is not optimistic about the Chinese pair, but UNEXPECTEDLY, Fan Su Yuan is so confident, directly shout out the highest goal such as raising the national flag and playing the national anthem, great!On February 3rd, Beijing time, China will face Australia, and it is a one-day double match, looking forward to fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi’s performance, wish them continue their efforts!