Focus on | drops such as travel, jiangnan travel five network about car platform were multi-sectoral joint interview of henan province

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Wen:Understand the car original XingQiuHong [original industry understand car emperor] on February 16, special problems in henan province road transportation management work program called province transportation hall, office of industry and information technology department, provincial public security department, provincial market supervision bureau, provincial bureau of big data as well as the provincial road transport association member units, such as zhengzhou city traffic transportation,Joint interviews were held with five ride-hailing platform companies, including Didi Chuxing, Jiangnan Chuxing, Quanmin Chuxing, Pingke Chuxing and Cuichi Chuxing.At the same time, the problems of some ride-hailing platforms are summarized and exposed.Five network jointly questioning about car platform by henan province more questioning, points out that in the near future, planning and opaque, part of the platform company valuation is not the compliance of vehicle and driver to send single, net about car illegally operating the intercity passenger transportation class line, smoke raised platform is proportional to, send a single mechanism unscientific lead to employees working overtime and fatigue driving, disrupted the market order of fair competition,Affect the safety and stability of the industry, damage the legitimate rights and interests of the operator and passenger.The main problems existing in didi Chuxing, Jiangnan Chuxing, Quanmin Chuxing, Pingke Chuxing and Cuichi Chuxing are as follows: 1. Didi Chuxing: the double compliance rate of orders in Henan Province is 57.48%;The progress of compliance was slow. Some non-compliant vehicles and drivers were not removed, and the platform sent orders to non-compliant vehicles and drivers.(From November 2021 to February 14, 2022, Didi Chuxing had a total of 34,378,512 online car booking orders, ranking first in the province.The order number of compliant vehicles was 19759635, and the order rate of compliant vehicles was 57.48%.Compliance drivers completed 26177823 orders, the order completion rate of compliance drivers 76.15%;The number of orders completed by double compliance was 18892587, and the rate of orders completed by double compliance was 54.95%.Zhengzhou law enforcement detachment penalized platform companies to provide service vehicles did not obtain “online booking taxi transport license” or online service vehicles and offline service vehicles are inconsistent with the actual provision of service vehicles 81 cases, without permission engaged in online booking taxi passenger transport operation 29 cases,One case of an online ride-hailing platform company failing to establish service quality standards and establish and implement a complaint reporting punishment system in accordance with regulations.2, the jiangnan travel: no to upload vehicle operating data, the administrative department of the driver in violation of the provisions of cruise assures, site guest behavior, be engaged in long distance operating across the city, business model, irregularities in the platform APP shows across the city for a long time and fixed-line ticket price information (so far) remains, allegedly engaged in long-distance class line transportation.3. Nationwide travel: The progress of compliance is slow. Currently, the double compliance rate of orders in Zhengzhou is only 20.99%.Do not upload vehicle operation data and order information to the management department, engage in trans-city long-distance operation for a long time, the business model is not standardized, suspected of engaging in long-distance shift transportation;Zhengzhou law enforcement detachment penalty platform company network booking taxi drivers do not charge 2.4. Shopping together: did not upload vehicle operation data to the management department for a long time, and was named and notified by the Ministry of Transport for many times that no data was uploaded within 180 days.Zhengzhou law enforcement detachment of the punishment of the platform company network booking taxi drivers in violation of the provisions of the parade to attract customers, site waiting 9, network booking taxi drivers do not charge 2.5, Tsui Chi travel: deposit refund is difficult, has been reported for many times, triggered online public opinion.After sorting out, there are about 13 people who are going through the deposit refund process, about 193 people whose deposit has not been refunded due to violation of regulations while using the car, and about 26 people whose deposit has not been refunded due to unpaid rental fees.