A woman in Henan province has uncovered her mother’s 35-year secret after watching a short video on Douyin

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“When I meet people, I gradually feel the sound of my hometown is different, but I hate the sound of the warbler like the old mountain.” What reminds me of my hometown is undoubtedly the sound of my hometown.Often a word can satisfy the Reverie of the Chinese people, and the more I can find that the feelings between people seem less indifferent than I imagined.In Huixian County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, there was a special family whose surname was Li. What was special about the family was that the hostess spoke a distinctive local accent.She was neither deaf nor dumb, but she almost never communicated with the villagers, not because she did not want to, but because her accent was unintelligible.Li Mou Mei is the daughter of the hostess. Although she is a daughter, she never understands what her mother says. Moreover, she also finds that her mother’s clothes and aesthetics are greatly different from those in the village.For example, mother often wears some colorful clothes, with a scarf, clothes on the pattern is also strange and bright.For this Li Mou mei began to inquire about the origin of its mother and the past, the results of an inquiry just know, the original mother is not henan.As early as 1985, the young mother was taken to Henan by human traffickers and sold on the streets like cattle.But because of the language barrier, the price is expensive, almost no one is willing to buy.Finally, Li’s aunt looked at the little girl so pitiful that she bought her for 1,000 yuan and raised her as her sister.In the 1980s, 1,000 yuan was by no means a small number, so Li’s mother was taken good care of instead of being abused.After growing up, li mou mei’s mother and Li Mou Mei’s father childhood sweethearts, mutual affection, finally smoothly went together.In order to find his wife’s hometown and lover, Li mou mei’s father also had a newspaper search, but there has been no clue.Even after her father died, lee s mother could not find her hometown.With the death of her father, Li Mou Mei found that her mother became more and more withdrawn, often a person staring out of the window, perhaps her heart also hope to go back to her hometown, meet her parents and relatives.In order to meet the expectations of her mother’s heart, but also to complete her father’s will, Li Mou Mei decided to help her mother to find home.Fortunately, in today’s Internet society, Li can help her mother in various ways.But what surprised her most was that it turned out to be the short video app that helped her find her hometown.It turned out that one day when Li Mou Mei was watching videos, she accidentally found that a short video creator spoke a dialect very similar to what her mother said.So Li Mou mei immediately contacted the other side, that the other side is buyi clansman.Buyi people are a large minority in southwest China. They have their own language system, which is called Buyi.Buyi people speak Chinese, but the older generation of buyi people can only speak Buyi.Therefore, Li Mou Mei suspected that his mother is likely to be the Buyi people, in order to verify their guess, she found the Buyi translation of qianxinan radio and TELEVISION tower, further determined that the mother is buyi people, and then said that the words are not ordinary Buyi language, is the third local special dialect.The third local language area is near Qinglong County of Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Southwest Guizhou, which means that Li’s mother is likely to come from Qinglong County.Through multiple identification, Li mou Mei finally determined her mother’s hometown, sand town in Qinglong County, and also learned that her mother’s name is “Delliang”.Lee saw the surprise and surprise on her mother’s face when she called out the name “Duryong” in pui dialect.The most exciting thing is that decades have passed, li’s mother’s parents are still alive, that is, after 35 years, Li can meet her grandfather and grandmother, and Dela can finally return to his hometown and meet his parents.When Delan returned to Sandtown and saw the familiar hut, she was sure it was her home.And out of the hut came a small, thin figure. It was really Drian’s mother.After 35 years of being abducted and trafficked, Deliang did not lose the confidence to return home completely, but with the help of his daughter Li Mou Mei, it only took 20 days to help Deliang find his parents and hometown.It’s a combination of the Internet and a great deal of luck.Unfortunately, 35 years later, things have changed, the once young girl has become a mother, and Drian’s parents are also old.Four months after Drian’s return, his mother died, as if she had been given her last wish.At this point, dela’s story comes to an end, Li Mou mei is also very glad that he can brush a short video to uncover his mother’s past, to help his mother find his hometown.Although Dela eventually returned to her hometown, but the original group of traffickers who abducted her are still not brought to justice.Thirty-five years on, most of the former traffickers are probably still dead, and if they are, the law is still waiting for them.According to article 240 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the crime of kidnapping and trafficking in women and children refers to the act of abducting, kidnapping, buying, trafficking in, transporting or transferring women and children for the purpose of selling them.This crime is a selective charge, can be decomposed into the crime of abducting and selling women and children.Whoever abducts and traffics in a woman or child shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined;If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years or life imprisonment and shall also be fined or be sentenced to confiscation of property;If the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to death and also to confiscation of property.In addition, China’s law also stipulates that the purchase of abducted women and children also constitutes a crime.However, although Li mou Mei’s aunt bought Deliang, she did not force him to marry her brother, nor did she restrict deliang’s personal freedom. Instead, she took care of him as a family member, without hindering his rescue. It does not constitute the crime of buying abducted women and children.To sum up, the end of this story is very sweet, but also hope that all abducted women and children in the world, finally can return to their hometown, find their parents.Of course, in order to completely eliminate human trafficking, we need to address the root causes.At present, the crime of human trafficking in China is decreasing day by day, which is the best embodiment of the improvement of national control.