EDG lost a game and dropped 1 place in the global rankings!Ma predicted that V5 might finish third

2022-04-28 0 By

Recently, Upcomer released the global battle force rankings as of February 15th, and the top four are dominated by LPL. LNG is the first, EDG is the second, RNG is the third, and WBG is the fourth.Ma, a master host of Tigerteeth League of Heroes, has another opinion on the list. He said that if the list was only up to 15th, it would not be the same.Don’t you think WBG should be ranked second since they already beat EDG?The main reason WBG wasn’t ranked second was that they lost a match earlier in the season, which lowered their overall rating.WE teacher Ma also said that there would be different changes if the list ended on February 16th, because IN the competition on February 16th, V5 directly defeated RNG with a score of 2-0 and won the match.In these two games, Teacher Ma said that the V5 side of the full state, the middle of the line above the rookie tiger, while rich on the side of the Bin, the next P huang also played the ultimate advantage.Although in the first game there were some of the pull situation, but also the program effect pull full, let many viewers see the blood boiling, high and low blood pressure, very dramatic.WE Teacher Ma said that if the status of V5 continues, it is not impossible to compete for the first place. Currently, LNG team is the first in LPL score, but in fact, V5 and WBG teams are very hot. If the status continues, V5 will have a chance to compete.In addition, WE ma teacher also said that TES, FPX this several teams began to follow the weak follow-up also want more refueling, play the style should be.In fact, e-sports is such, there are a lot of players is in the run-in growth, there are a lot of players more play more pull hips, this is the time some things, the focus is who can maintain perfect competitive state to compete for better results.Subsequent LPL matches will be more exciting!