Goal in the 88th minute!La Liga crazy 3-2, Barcelona upset the winner, four to five points

2022-04-28 0 By

Athletic Bilbao drew 3-2 with real Mallorca in the last match of the 24th round of la Liga on February 15, Beijing time.Athletic Bilbao were 2-0 down at one point in the game, but they fought back to win but lost to their opponents.Before kick-off, Mallorca were 17th, while Athletic Bilbao were in contention for the top four, and the two teams were not on the same level.But that’s the way it is in football. Strength on paper does not necessarily mean three points. Athletic Bilbao were upset.In the 22nd minute of the first half, the home side had a penalty and salva Sevilla converted it to give them a 1-up lead.Then Angel Rodriguez scored and mallorca made it 2-0.After entering the second half, Athletic Bilbao’s fightback finally paid off.Athletic Bilbao pulled one back in the 59th minute when Raul Garcia scored.Athletic Bilbao miraculously made it 2-2 when Berenguer scored two minutes later.From 2-0 down to a 2-2 draw, Athletic Bilbao looked to be on the brink of survival, but mallorca would not allow it.In the 88th minute, after a corner kick, the two sides melee in the penalty area, hideki Kuboshi in front of the goal, the final winner, mallorca also earned the three points 3-2.Athletic Bilbao have been Barcelona’s bane this season, knocking out the giants in the Super Cup and Copa del Rey.In La Liga, Barcelona were also unable to take advantage of Athletic Bilbao, who drew 1-1 in the first leg.To make matters worse, Athletic Bilbao will have to face Barcelona for the fourth place, and the Spanish giants are definitely under pressure.Did not expect is, this round of La Liga, Athletic Bilbao actually suffered mallorca.The defeat left Athletic Bilbao five points adrift of the top four in La Liga, and a win over real Mallorca would have given them a chance of doing so.Now in eighth place after the upset, they need to leapfrog at least three rivals to qualify for the Champions League.If athletic Bilbao are weak, the prospects are not so good.