Henan meteorological station issued a blue alert for snowstorm, yellow alert for icy roads

2022-04-28 0 By

Meteorological station in henan province by 00 08 feb 06, 2022 issued a blue alert: 06 08 is expected to 07, 08, xinyang, nanyang two areas and sanmenxia, luoyang, pingdingshan, zhumadian four regions snowfall will reach more than 5 mm, some counties in southern of nanyang and xinyang two regions local snowfall will reach more than 10 mm.Please take precautions.The Meteorological Observatory of Henan Province issued a yellow alert for road icing at 08:00 on February 06, 2022: it is expected that the road surface temperature will be below 0℃ in the south of the Yellow River and jiyuan and Jiaozuo cities, which will have a great impact on traffic.Please take precautions.