Taipei women’s soccer team nearly wiped out in India?Nerves tense on the island, 9 confirmed COVID-19 cases!

2022-04-28 0 By

The result of Lanshan Chinese Women’s football team winning the Asian Cup after breaking through all the difficulties makes every Chinese people happy.At the same time, Chinese Taipei women’s football Asian Cup journey also affects the hearts of people across the Strait.According to media reports, the Chinese Taipei women’s Asian cup at the end of the Indian women’s tournament after flying back to Taiwan, but, after his return to Taiwan personnel of COVID – 19 patients diagnosed at six, after arrived in Taiwan, those diagnosed then are sent to centralized quarantine area for isolation treatment, then one positive for nucleic acid testing report.The Chinese Taipei women’s soccer player who was diagnosed with mild symptoms is under treatment in isolation.Chinese Taipei had clinched a spot in next year’s Women’s World Cup with a win or a draw against Vietnam.It was a crucial match for The Chinese Taipei women’s football team, which used to be one of the world’s top teams, especially when it won the Asian Women’s Cup three times in the 1970s and 1980s.However, the Chinese Taipei Women’s football team did not win a trophy in the Asian Cup. On the contrary, in India, a number of women’s football players, including a number of key players, were infected with novel coronavirus.It is worth mentioning that there are 38 people in the Chinese Taipei team, nine of whom have been diagnosed with Novel coronavirus infection. So far, three of them have recovered, and the remaining nine are asymptomatic or mildly infected.According to Taiwan media reports, the nucleic acid positive player was one of the earliest confirmed members of the Chinese Taipei women’s football team, and her condition turned positive again after turning negative.Chinese women’s soccer teams have been reported to have been infected with the novel coronavirus during the Women’s Asian Cup, which has caused many Chinese people to worry about the health of the Chinese women’s soccer team. After all, The Chinese women’s soccer team had been in the same group with the Taipei and India teams.But there has been no news of the new champions, Chinese women’s football players infection not only that, the Chinese women’s team in the group of “zero seal” Chinese Taipei and Iran, reversal of Vietnam in the quarter-finals, semi-finals penalty narrowly beat Japan, Chinese women’s football final in the championship battle with South Korea, has obtained the excellent result of the women’s Asian cup champion.As COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, sporadic outbreaks in some areas have been effectively brought under control under China’s strict epidemic prevention policies. According to Taiwan’s epidemic prevention authorities, 19,239 confirmed cases have been reported in Taiwan so far.Part of the information reference source: International tourism island business daily