What song is your love like moonlight and so gentle and kind?

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“Your love is as soft and kind as moonlight” comes from “Heaven is Where you are” by Wang Lingrou, with lyrics and music composed by Xu Ziwei.The song “Heaven is Where You are” is the ending song of the TV drama “Spring Stepmother Heart.””Stepmother heart in Spring” is a story from the real experience of a Chinese government official in Sydney, Australia. It tells a moving story about a strong woman who took care of a silly old man and brought up five children of different blood ties in an era of war and chaos.2. The Heart of Stepmother in Spring is an interesting story full of tears and sadness, tenacity and struggle. It is a moving and exciting book about fate, and a masterpiece filled with the ancient and vibrant traditional virtues of China.Through this play, we can reflect on women’s construction of family and social relations, and make a thorough anatomy and confession.The play creates the thought innovation and sticks to the virtue of the female, through her, eulodizes the greatness of motherhood, with this role closely linked to the audience’s heart, let the audience with the story ups and downs, experience life’s joys and sorrows!That is the introduction of Paradise where you are and Spring Stepmother heart.