Blinken help Australia, Zhao Lijian: The United States wear “coercion” this hat is worthy

2022-04-29 0 By

Beijing, February 11 (China Youth Daily, Hu Wenli) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference today that China cannot be blamed for “economic intimidation” by US Secretary of State Blinken.The United States deserves to wear the duress label itself.According to reports, on the sidelines of the Foreign Ministers’ meeting of the Us-Japan-India-Australia “QUAD” (QUAD) in Melbourne, Blinken said in an interview with Australian media that China was “using economic means to coerce” Australia, but China suffered greater losses.Australia “stood up to China” and “set a strong example for the world”.”When it comes to ‘coercion,’ the United States deserves to wear the hat itself.”Zhao lijian said that when it comes to “coercion,” the U.S. government itself once called the 1994 ouster of Haiti’s military government an example of “coercive diplomacy.”In 2003, the US earmarked $30.3 billion for military spending as “coercive diplomacy”.The US government has used every means to suppress competitors such as China’s Huawei, France’s Alstom and Japan’s Toshiba, and to coerce companies such as TSMC and Samsung into handing over chip and supply chain data. These are textbook examples of economic coercion.Zhao Lijian stressed that China has always taken appropriate measures against foreign products from the perspective of the legitimate rights and interests of relevant domestic industries and consumer safety in strict accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and WTO rules, which is completely reasonable, legal and beyond reproach.The so-called “economic coercion” cannot be blamed on China.Any attempt to form groups, confuse right and wrong, and maliciously hype is doomed to failure.Source: China Youth Daily client