Spend Chinese New Year at home

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As The Chinese New Year approached, I remembered a surprise invitation I had received that year — to spend it with a Chinese family.Now LET me tell you my happy memories of that Spring Festival.It all started in August 2016 when I met my first Chinese teacher, Sun Ding, at the Confucius Institute in Brazil.Since then, we have gradually established a deep friendship, and it is because of her that I have entered a new world of Chinese language and culture.In 2018, I won the Confucius Institute Scholarship and went to Beijing, China to learn Chinese. Ms. Sun Ding continued to teach Chinese at the Confucius Institute in Brazil, but she had discussed with her parents very early on that she wanted to invite her two best Brazilian students, Sun Mulan and ME, to spend the Spring Festival in her hometown.This is one of the best invitations I’ve ever received.Sun Ding’s hometown is not too far from Beijing in Xiangfen County, Shanxi Province.So we decided to take the train, a choice that allowed us to experience a uniquely Chinese phenomenon — the Spring Festival travel rush.After nearly 15 hours of “overcrowded” train travel, we finally arrived at our destination on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.As soon as we got out of the train station, we saw Sun Ding’s father and sister Yaya waiting outside, they warmly welcomed our arrival.When we arrived at Mr. Sun ding’s house, the first thing I saw was a table full of Chinese food. To my surprise, these food were all my favorite.I later learned that It was Miss Sun Ding who told her mother what kind of Chinese food we liked, and even what kind of stuffing we liked best for dumplings.The rich dinner was prepared by my uncle and aunt for us all day, which made us feel warm and touched.After dinner, we sat on the sofa and watched CCTV Spring Festival Gala.At the same time, we also had a video call with Teacher Sun Ding in Brazil. At that moment, I felt that their family was also reunited.On the morning of the first day of the Chinese New Year, we just got up and received lucky money and Spring Festival gifts specially prepared by my uncle and aunt. My gift was a violin model, because I often heard from Teacher Sun Ding in Brazil that her parents liked listening to my singing and playing the piano very much.To this day, I keep this special gift with deep affection and respect, and every time I look at it, I think of my two lovely “fans.”Another important custom during the Spring Festival is to pay New Year calls.After eating dumplings, we went to the neighbor’s house and Sun Ding teacher relatives, send New Year’s greetings.When we paid New Year’s greetings, we were warmly welcomed. Whenever someone praised our Chinese, I always said it was the result of our Chinese teacher, Sun Ding.It makes us proud and also makes my aunts and uncles feel happy.In the following days, Teacher Sun ding’s family took us to visit Xiangfen and the surrounding scenic spots, among which ding Village was the most attractive to me.Ding Village is the hometown of Sun Ding’s grandfather. In the village, we enjoyed the quaint and exquisite courtyard houses, felt the traditional and unique customs, and experienced the simple and peaceful way of life.It all gave me a sense of peace and quiet.To my surprise, I saw one of the filming locations of my favorite Chinese food documentary, A Bite of China.I am so grateful that my aunt and uncle were willing to spend an unusual Spring Festival with two “foreigners”. They prepared everything for us meticulously and took care of us as if they were their own children.I felt like I was in Brazil with my family, safe and warm.At the same time, we had something in common: their eldest daughter Sunding was away for a while, and my family was 18,000 kilometers away on the other side of the world, so we filled in for each other.In just a few days, we built a family bond.Before you knew it, it was time to say goodbye, the hardest part of the trip.As my aunt and uncle took us to the train station, ready to pull into the station, I remember saying with a tremor in my voice, “Thank you, Mom and Dad. See you next time!”At that moment, I felt very much like saying goodbye to my parents at the airport in Brazil before I came to Study in China.Undoubtedly, the Chinese New Year at home was one of the most unforgettable experiences I had in China. It is still fresh and warm every time I think about it.I was deeply moved by the simplicity, kindness, warmth and hospitality of the Chinese people. I will always be grateful and will never forget it.(The author is Yong Siyuan (Brazil), a master’s student at central University of Finance and Economics.Feeds | source: the Ministry of Education service center) China economist (2022) author: never ses (Brazil) statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn