Two color ball 22011 sun ticket!18,000 yuan double entry and single 10 times cast, than who better luck

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Bicolor past first prize real ticket appreciation: the 22004 period, Jiangsu lottery people with a 5 note number, 2 times cast, 20 yuan into the single ticket, xi In 2 note first prize, single ticket total capture prize 12.28 million;Winning numbers from machine selection!Hello, everyone, welcome to enjoy the bicolor 2011 sun tickets!The Year of the Tiger is approaching, and the lottery market will be closed on January 29.At that time, all computer-based lottery tickets will no longer be sold except for instant tickets.Xiaobian also reminds you that lottery buyers must pay attention to the deadline of the lottery before the festival. If you find a winner, you should redeem the prize as soon as possible.In the past, during the Spring Festival and National Day holidays, lottery tickets were often abandoned. Some lottery players were busy visiting relatives and friends or going out for sightseeing, so they did not take good care of their tickets or did not check the numbers, so they missed the deadline and regretted it.Keep a good habit of buying color, is every lottery people need to pay attention to, win the prize can not be asked, do not let your good luck in vain!Double color ball last period out of red ball 12, 18, 19, 20, 21+32+ blue ball 15, the first prize 7 bets, single bets of 7.87 million yuan, the total prize pool 1.396 billion yuan.The last red ball out of the rare four consecutive number let lottery people surprised, but out of the 7 first prize, single bet hit the possibility is not big, double bet advantage highlights undoubtedly.Area 1 trumpet disconnected in the previous period, this period is expected to be 1-2 numbers issued in this area, the number in the middle part of the heat slightly reduced, focus on 3:3, 2:4 parity ratio, heavy number and continuous number to consider 1 group.The recent performance of the big blue ball is eye-catching, especially after the interval of more than 16 times 1 period, this period is likely to rebound again;Small anti-cold number 11, 12 explosion.Less gossip, the official start of the bicolor 21011 issue sun tickets!10 times single vote led the way, single pick 13 times followed, and there are two small times voting on stage, from the perspective of the ticket ideas are relatively normal selection number.Of course, no matter the normal selection number or go off the Angle of the door, winning the final lottery to see their luck.With good luck, winning the lottery will come naturally!Next turn to double ticket appearance, a 14+3, 18018 yuan big ticket shock attack, red ball head 04, Fengwei 31, limit spacing 27, interval 6:3:5, parity ratio evenly;The blue ball focuses on the big two even one odd, hot number 16 is obvious.On a 18 thousand yuan duplex ticket like in 5+1 to win a fat bonus, this period again impact ten million awards can dream come true, all tonight.Many lottery people feel that the double ticket is purely “donation”, its winning rate is even worse than single ticket, can only be reduced to the eyes of everyone “kill the number of artifact”.Xiaobian think this idea is too one-sided, in theory, double ticket winning rate is absolutely higher than the single ticket, but because the single betting audience is more, so give you a kind of illusion: often announced in the awards for single ticket.Sheet type it may not be a bad idea, double entry worth while, the most important is coloured people measure accordingly, do not envy others win a prize and blindly increase buy colour to invest, lest the gain outweighs the loss!Ok, so much for this issue of bicolor real ticket appreciation, thank you friends for your thumbs up and attention.At the end of the article, we provide a list of the winners of the first prize of the last two-color ball, for everyone to enjoy and be happy, maybe the next lucky person is you!Finally is still warm tips: buy color risk, please do what one can!