What is the greatest folly of being human?

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Do not understand human nature, do not value human nature.This must be in the first place. His parents did not tell him the dark side of human nature since childhood, and his teacher taught him truth, goodness and beauty at school.”If you are poor, I fear you are rich.””There is no one in the world but your parents who doesn’t want you to have a better life than they do.””Small grace small hatred, big grace big hatred”.Marriage is really a financial transaction.”Poor begets cunning, rich grows conscience.””All relationships exist because you can be used, and once you lose that value, your relationships don’t exist.” If you don’t understand the dark side of human nature.Out of school, with a dream, with their own kind and pure heart into the society, ravaged by the society, slowly towards maturity, be cheated and abducted, eat into the suffering, will take a lot of detours, and even be completely crushed by the society.2. Not working hard to earn money.Money can solve more than 90 percent of the problems, the remaining 10 percent need more money to solve.Money can buy you the things you want, money can give you the life you want, money can help you win the respect of your relatives, friends and everyone around you.Money gives you more choices. Money gives you dignity as a human being.No concept of money, do not work hard to learn the skills of making money, when you are old to live must be very miserable.3. Not paying attention to health.I have formed many bad habits in my life and don’t care about my health.After reaching middle age, there will be many problems, which not only make you suffer and spend a lot of money, but also affect the life of your family, and even the relationship between husband and wife.Health is like a 1.Career, money is like the “0” behind, if “1” is gone, everything is equal to “0”.As we all know, there was a famous rich man in China who made a lot of money. The rich man died young and his wife married his driver. Look at this mess, who works for whom?Use health to exchange money, sooner or later one day will regret, because money can not necessarily change back a healthy body.Don’t try to operate themselves, nosy.A person alive must spend time in trying to manage yourself, let you become stronger, more powerful.You try to help others, others strong, will not remember your good, not all people know how to be grateful.You become strong and powerful, and people around you treat you well and respect you.No one will sympathize with your weak, most people are bullying.People live a lifetime is to take a lot of detours, there is no regret medicine to eat in life, try to live every day, with their own hard sweat efforts to create their own life!