Frontline teachers “tofu block” comments fire, handwriting neat as printing, the content is more warm

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For students, it is very important to receive timely feedback from teachers in learning, especially in the composition, to see the teacher’s comments, to know where they do well, where they do not do well enough, and then to correct.Now the teacher leads the class more, each class of students are dozens of, sometimes it is too late to write a good comment, most of the teacher’s comments are more sloppy.A village teacher is different, no matter how many students need to write comments, he is a stroke seriously write, write out the handwriting like copybook, let a person see the feast for the eyes, envy those students have such a good teacher.First-line teachers “postage stamp” comments, printed or written neatly as a teacher of “postage stamp” comment, the handwriting GongGongZhengZheng like printing, you can see from the handwriting, the two teachers working attitude is very seriously, and every student so carefully to write comments, also must be very patient.Have good-looking handwriting, also belongs to the basic skills of the teacher profession, in normal school should be to practice hard pen and chalk calligraphy, the teacher is the student’s demonstration, will be imitated by students.Especially in blackboard writing, the teacher’s handwriting on the blackboard is seen in the eyes of students every day, and over time, it will form a kind of understanding of writing, and they will work hard in that direction.When students have higher requirements on themselves, they will work harder on their study. When students get such neat comments, they will feel that teachers attach great importance to them and give them serious feedback, and their sense of self-worth will be stronger.It can also be seen that the teacher’s handwriting is after a long time of practice, as the saying goes, one minute on stage, ten years off stage, the teacher practice the basic skills, in the students will be more confident, and guide students to be more positive.The teacher’s comments looked very pleasant, but after reading the content, I found that what the teacher said was even more heartwarming.The teacher first affirmed the students in the composition, pointed out the advantages of the students in the form of expression, and pointed out the characteristics of language.Then put forward to the students should improve the part, specifically pointed out that the students should be in the writing skills of how to improve, finally also warm heart to the students “refueling” cheer, students see such comments must be very happy.In another comment, the teacher affectionately referred to the students as “little writers”, also pointed out that the order of some things of the students was very good, and accurately wrote that the students identified their own thinking and experience is insufficient, reminding the students to remember to do a good summary.Another teacher’s composition comments with “little girl” this call with the students close the distance, and very seriously said that the content of the students read twice, it can be seen that the teacher is very important to each student.In the end, the teacher also drew a small smiling face to thank the students for their trust in the teacher, but also expressed the hope of the student’s more works, full of the teacher’s love for the students.In addition to the usual homework and composition evaluation, students are also very concerned about the teacher’s evaluation at the end of the semester.The teacher used poetic language to praise the students “360 degrees without dead Angle”, pointed out the various characteristics of the student’s personality, and finally put forward new expectations and requirements, hoping that the students have better performance.Personal opinion: Teacher’s encouragement is very important for students, just like the positive feedback mentioned in psychology. When students make a latter behavior and the teacher gives affirmation in time, students will consciously strengthen this behavior.Form written feedback, will make students feel more serious, feel their efforts were seen by the teacher, such encouragement by parents praise is more useful, will play a positive role in students.Some students will even keep the teacher’s comments, and they still feel very warm when they take them out after a look. It is the teacher’s responsibility to treat every student seriously, and it is very lucky to have such a teacher.The teacher handwriting is beautiful, can guide students to seriously practice the teacher to write the word is very good-looking, can also guide students to seriously practice the word, in addition to some calculation questions, students in learning is almost inseparable from writing, handwriting is more and more important for the impact of results.In the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination this key examination, teachers are using computer marking, in the scan of the paper, how students handwriting more at a glance.In the composition, although there is no clear provisions, but the neat or not, open a few points of the gap is effortless, so the students also want to practice often in peacetime.If students do not practice calligraphy in the lower grade, then in the higher grade, they should arrange the time to write calligraphy posts every day, and practice regularly over a period of several months, and the effect can be seen in a semester.Good handwriting is not only for the score of the exam, handwriting also represents the image of a person, the so-called word is the person, writing good handwriting can also leave a good impression on others, and even affect the future development.Topic of the day: How do you think the teacher’s comments should be written?