Qin ‘an fire “three uninterrupted” to build a comprehensive social units winter and spring fire prevention and control safety barrier

2022-04-30 0 By

In order to further promote the fire prevention and control work this winter and next spring, further strengthen the fire supervision of social units, effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of fire accidents, Qin ‘an County fire rescue brigade with the help of “three uninterrupted” powerful measures, comprehensively promote the area of fire prevention and control work, build a solid fire prevention and control safety barrier.Hidden trouble investigation is continuous, build fire prevention and control barrier.Combining with the characteristics of winter and spring fire hazard and fire safety inspections of jurisdiction unit, taking “mistake YeZha” “daily supervision and inspection” “joint inspection”, actively in-depth populated places such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls personnel for inspection, focusing on fire control facilities and fire safety management system, safety responsibility system is in place,Whether the fire facilities and equipment are configured to meet the requirements, whether the safety exit and evacuation channel are unblocked, and spot check and understand the fire control room staff on the use of fire control equipment and other situations, so as to ensure the responsibility of clear, responsibility to people, to ensure the safety and stability of the social units of fire control.Be familiar with continuous drills and strengthen emergency rescue capabilities.Actively strengthen the “six familiar with” work, go deep into the key areas to get familiar with the unit situation, fully achieve “clear base, clear situation”.All-out efforts have been made to strengthen actual combat drills, formulate and improve emergency fire fighting and rescue plans, focus on simulating tactical methods and disposal measures in fire fighting, rescue and danger elimination, identify weak links in fire fighting and rescue operations, analyze safety precautions, and strive to improve the overall actual combat capability of the team.Increase the familiarity with key areas such as crowded places and drills to ensure quick response and quick disposal in case of fire.Propaganda and education, promote fire awareness of the masses.Actively carry out fire control safety knowledge “five into” “knock door” action, through broadcast, short message, WeChat, hanging banners, sending promotional materials, LED display, roll play, widely publicized on fire control safety knowledge, spread the fire control knowledge effectively, and improve the national fire safety quality, truly put fire control knowledge into the heart, at the same time,Urge all social units to strengthen internal fire control safety management, firmly establish the main responsibility for fire control safety, and improve emergency response capacity.(Edited by Li Xiaobing, Edited by Yang Jianwu, edited by Wu Xinping)