Smile!Kunqu to pilot Real estate tax

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Old iron, Changsha has a sector, claimed to be the most profitable sector.It occupies only 1% of Changsha’s land but contributes 20% of GDP.Today, Jack is going to praise this plate, Lugu High-tech Zone.We all know that The core competitiveness of Foothill Valley is industry, but do you know how great the industry of Foothill Valley is?Here is the gathering place of Changsha advanced code farmers, gathering 90% of the province’s mobile Internet enterprises.The number of listed companies is as high as 50, accounting for 69% of Changsha, more than half of the country.In addition to industry, lugu education has been struggling to catch up in the past two years. At present, there are four famous schools, including Changjun, Yali, Shi No.1 Middle School, and The High School attached to Normal University, as well as Mingde and Xiangjun Experimental School.There are also Dongfanghong Primary School and Lugu Central Primary School.Lugu implements the policy of single-school division for primary schools and helicopter for junior high schools.Stand firm when beaten, and admit your shortcomings.Lugu is characterized by the integration of industry and city. It is mainly used for industrial land, but residential land is only supporting land, not for the development of a piece, and it lacks commercial planning.Commerce is the biggest short board, whole piedmont valley plate does not have a decent bazaar at present, weekend shopping gathers the step by step high that eat should go to Mei Xi lake, nevertheless, have a good news, China run joy ode Outlets already began to start work.There are two subways, subway Line 6, which has been put into trial operation, and the western extension of Subway Line 2, which is under construction.The planned lines of Lugu Metro plan include Line 6 west extension line, Line 10, Line 13, Line 14, line S1, line S2, as well as high-tech Zone – Meixi Lake small volume tram.The environment did not have to say, external publicity is to have a river an island six parks.Commercial sand ship Aolai, new Hualian, rainbow MALL, sun City.The only thing that might be weaker is industry.Let’s talk about the most important things, how to buy a house in The Foothill Valley?Not every area in Foothill Valley can be bought, you must follow the industrial plan.During the 14th five-year plan period, the spatial development pattern of Changsha high-tech Zone is: one axis with three centers.Tongzi slope – Jinzhou Avenue as the main axis of development, buy a house can focus on the innovation CBD, commercial service center, intelligent manufacturing center these three areas, basically will not step on the pit.In addition, in my opinion, the south has more development potential than the north, because the north is limited by mountains, and the east is more mature than the west.Finally, take a look at lugu is currently selling several plates, the down payment budget of about 40W, you can pay attention to the Best cloud environment, the subway covered with commercial, hardcover standard developers are good.Shanhu County, if you can accept the noise of Yuelu Avenue, you can start, the down payment budget is sufficient, 45 W, you can pay attention to Changfang Yue Xiangshan, school park supporting mature, the disadvantage is that the subway is more than 1 km.All right, if you’re looking to buy in Foothill Valley, any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section