After three years of divorce, the ex-husband’s ex-wife has emerged as a winner after checking her ex-husband’s moments

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They say the best marriages are when both spouses are looking in the same direction.Marriage, unlike love, requires more understanding, tolerance and shared responsibility.However, some people, clearly holding the hand of happiness, but do not know how to cherish, always keep asking each other, but do not realize that they are the obligations of marriage.Divorce 3 years, Xiao Shan (pseudonym) walked out of painful predicament already, with new attitude of life to greet the life that belongs to oneself, she made new boyfriend, both sides were already talking about marriage theory to marry, the feeling is pretty good still.She thought of her ex-husband who had been shielded by herself for a long time and did not know how the situation was now. After reading his moments of friends, she could not help feeling that although she suffered a loss when she left home completely, compared with her ex-husband’s life now, she was the big winner in the end.Xiao Shan, who was married to her ex-husband for less than two years, was three months pregnant when she discovered his betrayal.In the face of indisputable facts, the ex-husband quips that “men and women are different, and she is pregnant, unable to address his physiological needs.”A woman willing to bear children for a man, what a determination.Xiao Shan did not expect that eventually he was so not cherished.And see husband and the chat record of the other side, also absolutely not just find occasion for amusement so simple.The lover’s eyes can not tolerate sand, she ignored her husband’s entreaty, resolutely put forward a divorce.Because Xiao Shan is sure, pregnancy will betray her husband, if forgive too easily, I’m afraid the future will repeat, long pain is better than short pain, she does not want to tangle for a lifetime.She decided to abort the baby rather than have him born into a broken family.But when it comes to divorce, men’s true colors come out.When Xiao Shan and her ex-husband got married, the other side had already bought a house, so naturally there was no Name of Xiao Shan.At that time she did not care, think that two people are directed to a lifetime, whose name does not matter.So no matter the decoration money, or after the loan, she did not say anything.However, two people in the agreement of divorce, the ex-husband seized the reason of the property before marriage, refused to divide the property with her.Because of these, Xiao Shan had also produced hesitation, think oneself invested many money these two years, have nothing eventually however, suffer a deficit too big, the thing that divorces for this still is shelved for a time.However, a friend’s words alerted Xiao Shan, and she realized that money is nothing but worldly possessions, but there is no need to waste her life by tying herself up with an unworthy man.Think through these, she is willing to get out of the house, but also want to leave this section of wrong feelings.Writer Wu Danru said, marriage is like carving jade, than who is not good jade, but who spend more thought, who carving original.A person even the most basic responsibilities and obligations of marriage can not bear up, how can you put tomorrow and life safely in his hands.Xiao Shan got a divorce as she wished.After divorce depressed for a period of time, after all, when getting married, all regard this as a lifetime, no one has ever thought of falling apart halfway.Divorce is easy, but feelings take time to heal.She screened her ex-husband, shunned all the people she knew before, and after a difficult struggle, she started a new life.Xiao Shan originally thought, divorce with oneself, ex-husband can live ideal day finally, but when she opens his circle of friends, just discover, leave oneself, his life is all chicken fly dog jump.A third party is satisfied with the ground, as one wishes, the ground lives in the home that she once makes meticulously, gave birth to a son to her ex-husband, also encountered Xiao Shan however in those days same thing.How can a man who can’t control his lower half be consistent just because of divorce and remarriage?However, the third party can not have Xiao Shan so easy to talk, the road is his choice, grit teeth also want to go down.She was strict with her husband and reported every day.Whenever I got home late, I made all kinds of phone calls, not just to my husband, but to everyone he knew.So few of his circle of friends wanted to associate with him.Not only that, every day before going home to do mobile phone cleaning, including female customers phone or chat records are not available.Someone once said, what will be the outcome of the betrayal of marriage?If a third person is superior, will you get happiness?The former husband’s example gives the answer, even if the third party to get the job, but it is difficult to trust in the marriage, after all, how they did at the beginning, people with criminal records will be prepared.The writer Wang Shuo wrote in his book die of Addiction:”Two greedy people in the fairy tale, digging underground treasure, the results to dig out the bones of a person, although quickly buried, even above planted lots of trees, planted flowers, but two people heart clearly know, what is buried under a. See the trees and see the flowers, think the skeleton is underground.” her life, can be said to be the hot water, but want to divorce is not so easy.On the one hand, have children, next to each other on the property will not let it go, once the divorce, he was not worth the cost, but also for child support. However, these XiaoShan don’t care. Put the wrong person, can meet the right person. Now she has a decent job, a boyfriend never engagement, PoJiaRen for their own good, the two sides get along harmonious family.Are waved to her new life, and her ex-husband make we have committed iniquity, himself only by his own account. Once the mid-night, think of them together of the time, this time, completely drained away in endless night. Marriage is not child’s play, let everyone who entered the marriage, can carry on their own share of the responsibility and obligation.Since the choice of the other party, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the word “loyalty”. Don’t let a greed, lost their own happiness.