Baoshan District medical emergency center recruit 10 pre-hospital emergency aid personnel!

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Shanghai Baoshan District Medical First Aid Center is the only section-level public medical institution in Baoshan District that is engaged in 120 pre-hospital first aid tasks, covering 280.56 square kilometers of the whole district.Over 2 million citizens in 9 towns and 3 subdistricts have been provided with daily pre-hospital first aid tasks, on-site rescue of major emergencies (events) within their jurisdiction, and medical first aid guarantee for important meetings and major social events, providing basic medical treatment services for the health of the general public.At present, has set up a “1 + 12” pre-hospital emergency medical service mode, set up the “120” scheduling command center 1, wusong, temple, upper boundary, luodian, big field, gu village, pu, Yang Xing luojing, month, xin garden, friendship, dahua 12 first aid stations, reasonable layout, covering the entire area, forming network, 24 hours provide pre-hospital emergency medical services.Job Title: Pre-hospital first aid assistant 1. Recruitment: 10 2. Job responsibilities: (1) Assist emergency doctors to do on-site emergency medical work.(2) Assist emergency drivers to do a good job of safe driving.(3) Carry and transfer patients.(4) Undertake the sanitation and cleaning of first-aid places and articles.Recruitment requirements :(1) under 40 years of age, high school (or equivalent) or above, good health, no tattoo, no chronic disease, heart disease or other organic or infectious diseases.(2) Abide by laws and regulations, be decent and have no record of bad behavior.(3) Good psychological quality, teamwork spirit, able to work under great pressure and adapt to 24-hour shift.(4) Medical related majors, ex-servicemen or drivers with B1 or above are preferred.1. Employment form: Labor dispatch system project employment.2. Enjoy the welfare treatment of “government purchased service” personnel.3. The candidate who has no objection after interview, physical examination and publicity shall sign the labor contract with Shanghai Greatman Power Resources Co., LTD.Apply for the job in the form of online registration.Please Email your resume to with the name of “name + position”.The center will arrange qualified personnel to conduct on-site interviews according to the application status.Correspondent: Zhang Yanjing Editor: Song Ge Proofread: Zhao Huimin * Reprinted please indicate from Shanghai Baoshan official wechat