Dfu Di Renjie single kill show beans gongsun from see Meng Zhang Daxian!GK takes XYG easily, Li Jiu tells the reason

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Review:The first set in the early invasion of XYG blue zone foshan GK, because xihe too b reality and sells very well so XYG eventually have a blood and double play, after the invasion of foshan GK XYG red zone, although DE take flash bundle of beans to show the professor Marco Polo, but team and disconnect, so I sent first, after losing the professor foshan GK regiment war defeat again,Therefore, XYG has a great advantage in the early stage;Foshan GK has been using the “Joff” system with a good result, so they successfully dragged to the storm Dragon King refresh;XYG won the first game by two waves of active team battle against FOSHAN GK.XYGvs Foshan GK second game lineup analysis: this game XYG took a set of offensive ability super lineup, so they are very likely to invade foshan GK wild area, if they can anti bad Pengpeng AGuduo wild area then Foshan GK will be difficult to play.Li Jiu: XYG took this lineup to win the second round quickly, this foshan GK is under great pressure.Huang Chao: The one who takes one blood of the two teams will win the match.0-5 min: both sides fight wild and red open, early German server Di Renjie yue XYG next tower strong kill the residual blood xiu dou Gongsun won a blood is very profitable;After show beans gongsun left wild tower want to single Cut de service Di Renjie was support came to the green maple Shen Mengxi blown up, and September guarding tower orange right Beijing was also killed by Foshan GK Uesano auxiliary fire attack, so early Foshan GK got a good advantage.Zhang Daxian: Di Renjie so strong of?I didn’t!5-11 minutes: Although there are no heads during this period, FOSHAN GK has been increasing its advantage by operating the Tutanaron, and XYG is now a little difficult to fight.Zhang Daxian: our squad is not good at guarding the tower.Huang Chao: XYG is too collapsed in the early stage.11-13 min: Foshan GK takes the shadow Master and then push XYG up high, because the equipment gap between the two sides is too big, so Xi and East Emperor Taiyi can not carry, after east emperor Taiyi is killed, XYG finally let go of the upper middle and high.Li Jiu: XYG this lineup to turn over can only rely on playing.13-14 min: Although XYG knocked out Di Renjie who was in the front position of the German server, the rest of foshan GK were very strong, so XYG lost the battle and was finally defeated by a strong wave.Chang daxian: hold on. Don’t go to the head. This one’s going too fast.Li Jiu (point out the reason) : XYG this lineup is to play early, but early was suppressed, so it is difficult to play.Best: Di Renjie kills Gongsun Li online, a little rare.The MVP award went to Foshan GK shooter Dee Renjie 3-2-3.Best: It’s so important to kill that wave.