New bank rules!Deposits and withdrawals exceeding 50,000 yuan will be checked and the two banks will directly stop handling cash business

2022-05-01 0 By

Today we’re going to talk about a new rule on cash withdrawal.According to the multiple departments jointly issued a new message, from this year on March 1, Banks, credit unions, etc., are the single deposit more than 50000 yuan or more, or foreign currency equivalent amount greater than or equal to $10000 business checks, including but not limited to register the business client identity, and the use of big data network,Trace the source and use of the money and so on.In addition, on February 4, there were two private banks announced that they would stop the cash deposits and withdrawals, not only stopping the cash deposits and withdrawals at manual counters, but also the deposits and withdrawals of ATM machines.These two news, let a lot of friends have doubts, is it because our country launched the new electronic RMB?Why don’t you just shut down the cash business?Is there something wrong with the yuan?And so on.The sudden release of the two news, or in a certain extent caused the part of the worries and concerns of the masses, but you don’t worry, for ordinary people, in fact this two new rules and will not impact on everyone’s life, and countries to the new adjustment of unity of cash business, also has its own considerations and intend to.First, it is to further prevent the occurrence of tax evasion phenomenon, strict control of cash transactions.In 2021, for example, we may often see a variety of illegal tax evasion in the entertainment industry, to pay tax hot search.This shows that in life, there is still a possibility of tax evasion phenomenon, and the most intuitive embodiment of tax evasion phenomenon, is that the transaction volume is very large, generally in ten thousand yuan as a unit, or directly converted into foreign currency, to avoid China’s tax system.Now the country has begun to gradually tighten the net of the tax system, is to strictly control the phenomenon of tax evasion, to avoid more occurrence.Secondly, another point is to stop making cash the link of black transactions, and make cash transactions more clean and transparent, so as to better protect the capital of ordinary people.I believe everyone has seen the movie, in the movie, those shady black transactions, such as money laundering, human trafficking and other illegal transactions, are carried out through a large amount of cash.There are also a lot of fraud, are through a large number of funds transfer and other ways, to defraud people of their hard-earned money.So the government began to strictly control the movement of cash transactions and let the yuan return to the hands of the people.But there may be a friend a little uncomfortable in my heart, if oneself to the bank to get cash, more than 50000 yuan or more for their proper use, and reasonably take my own money, as a result, also by Banks for registration, record and a series of operation, in vain, obviously is like what looks a little thing.If you have such concerns, in fact, you can think of it from another Angle. Of course, there is no problem with taking out your own money. Being upright is not afraid of having a crooked shadow.So we should not worry too much, such provisions, is to better standardize cash business, better protect everyone’s capital security in the bank, is a good thing for everyone.