North Green quick review | with credit system management to strengthen the corridor charging management means

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Office recently issued by the capital city of environmental construction management committee “on further strengthening the electric bicycle chain controls the implementation of the plan, the city will further increase the investigation dynamics of electric bicycle charging violation behavior, joint law enforcement, in the construction of laws and regulations and communal hallway, evacuation corridor, stair, security, in areas such as the exportAnd parking and charging electric bikes in other public areas.In addition to dissuading, stopping and reporting, those who refuse to correct or whose circumstances are serious will be gradually incorporated into the credit investigation system.(Beijing Youth Daily, February 17) In recent years, electric bikes charging in corridors or upstairs have caused frequent safety accidents, posing a major threat to public property and people’s lives. According to data released by the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management, there are about 2,000 electric bike fires every year in China.Of these, 80 percent of the fires started while charging;Ninety percent of deaths and injuries occur in hallways, aisles and stairwells;More than half of electric vehicle fires occur during overnight charging.According to the report, from January to October 2021, more than 14,000 fires caused by faulty electric bicycles and their batteries occurred across the country, killing 41 people and injuring 157.It is not difficult to see, similar to hangzhou battery car charging deflagrate fire cases, the vast majority are in the corridor or upstairs charging and other violations caused by.In order to eliminate and avoid electric bikes become untimed bombs, it is very important to standardize charging behavior and avoid violations such as corridor charging.In 2017, the Ministry of Public Security issued the Notice on Standardizing the Parking and Charging of Electric Vehicles and Strengthening fire Prevention, which clearly stipulates that parking or charging electric vehicles in public areas such as shared walkways, stairwells and safety exits in buildings is strictly prohibited.In 2021, the Ministry of Emergency Management issued the “Regulations on Fire Safety Management of High-rise Civil Buildings” clearly stipulates that from August 1, those who refuse to correct, park or charge electric bicycles in public foyers, evacuation corridors, stairwells and safety exits of high-rise civil buildings,Business units and individuals will be fined between 2,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan;A fine of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 1,000 yuan shall be imposed on non-business units and individuals.The introduction of relevant department regulations, to make up for the governance of electric bicycle corridor charging safety hazards of the short board, especially to solve the basic defects of how to punish violations.However, from the actual situation, although there are laws and regulations escort, battery car upstairs has not been eliminated, which in addition to the community public charging facilities are not complete and other factors, but also with the severity of the punishment is light, not enough deterrence of violations have a great relationship.Pure administrative fine kind of punishment is not enough to eliminate the fluke psychology of some people fundamentally.Moreover, from the point of view of the actual situation, the effect of simply relying on a single means to govern a certain social disorder will be greatly reduced. Only by combining legal governance with moral governance can comprehensive power be produced.In terms of behavior nature, charging in the corridor or upstairs is not only an illegal behavior, but also a breach of trust. Therefore, it is necessary to bring the actor repeatedly persuaded into the credit system and give moral punishment.A sound and complete credit system can put trust-breaking personnel in a difficult position. Not only will there be no space for employment and entrepreneurship, but also the most basic daily life will be greatly restricted, such as not being able to travel by plane, train and other means of transportation, and not being able to purchase bulk products.Over the years, the good faith system in socialist body coverage range is more and more wide, the role of also more and more prominent, such as tourists in violation of the provisions of the scenic spot, the violations through or damage to the scenic area of cultural relics, punished will be pulled into the blacklist, let integrity in corridor charging actor price, helps to play to the role of the credit system on the standard behavior,It is necessary to strengthen the means of social governance, and its prospect is worth looking forward to.By Don Jiweide photo source/Visual China editor/Wang Han