Sergio ramos could retire early as injuries continue to hamper his recovery

2022-05-01 0 By

Ramos, the former Spain captain now at French side Paris Saint-Germain, has played just five games in half a season since joining on a free transfer last summer, only twice of which he completed 90 minutes for a total of 239 minutes.The reason is that ramos has been sidelined since his arrival, and his on-off injury has not only limited his chances of playing, but also made PSG lose money, because ramos is a player earning 300,000 pounds a week.Ramos, who turns 36 next month, is expected to be sidelined for another four weeks after suffering a calf injury, and is expected to miss the first leg of the champions League last-16 tie against Real Madrid, or even the second leg.Aging has slowed ramos’ recovery, which is expected to be delayed.More recently, there have been reports that ramos has developed a medical condition that may not allow him to fully recover, so he may never play again and may have to retire early.According to French media reports, a former French national team doctor said in an interview that Ramos’s calf injury was so serious that he suffered from muscle tissue problems in both legs, which the doctor described as “aging calf muscle syndrome”.”It is very difficult to predict how ramos’s injury will deteriorate, it depends on the structure of his calf muscle,” the doctor said.Ramos has been playing football at a very high level, very competitive and very competitive for the last 19 years, and now his calf is very fragile.”Indeed, ramos, who made his debut at Sevilla at the age of 17 before moving to Real Madrid, has been a fixture for the Spanish national team, and his appearances for the national team, especially as a central defender, have caused serious physical damage when tackling, tackling, clearing or colliding with opponents.During his time at Real Madrid, Ramos suffered several calf muscle injuries and was sidelined for more than 150 days.After joining Paris Saint-Germain, the same old problem also troubled him for most of the season.Although Ramos regularly posts on social media about his physique and how well he is doing, the doctor went on to reveal that ramos’ calf muscles have gradually lost their elasticity.When ramos suffered a calf injury to his right foot, he would concentrate only on training his left foot during rehabilitation, thereby exacerbating the injury to his other foot.In addition to his old age and the wrong way to recover, he often shuttled between Spain and France, and the travel was one of the reasons why his injury did not improve.”He travels back to Madrid from Paris from time to time and, in addition to visiting family, there are of course some business activities, such as opening a gym owned by his company. All of these activities are taking place in spite of his injury, which has definitely hindered his progress.”Football is a very physical game, especially in the top Leagues in Europe.Ramos is approaching the 19th year of his professional career and has suffered a number of injuries over the years. If he really wants to continue his career as a professional footballer, he will have to follow a rehabilitation programme or be forced to retire early.Wish Ramos a speedy recovery.